What if you don’t pay your Storage Bill? What will happen to your storage items?

Storage units are an affordable way where you can temporarily store your stuff for which you don’t have an immediate need. In short it is a cost effective and convenient rented space for which you pay to store your belongings. While these storage units are user friendly, still paying the rent could be burdensome for some people with other debts, avoid a self storage foreclosure by becoming familiar with the contract you sign and make your payments on time.

So what if one forgets or is unable to pay his storage bill? What will be the consequences of not paying your storage unit bill? What will happen to your storage material? Will it be seized if you fail to make regular payments? So if you are thinking of renting a storage unit for yourself or your business, read on to get more information in detail.

How can one lease a storage unit?

These storage units are leased just like your apartments where you pay monthly for your accommodation. When you don’t pay on time, you get grace period of 5-7 days for sure. If you pay within the grace period for your accommodation, you can continue living in it but failing to do so can lead you to leave the apartment or some legal action might be taken against you. Same is the case with these storage units. In order to use it continuously, you are expected to pay your bill on time.

When storage units are abandoned, what happens to their storage unit?

When you miss your first rental payment they put a red lock on your door latch and disable your access code to defer your access to the storage unit. Automatic messages, calls and e-mails are sent regularly to remind you of your missed payment. Even after all these continuous reminders there is still a possibility that you don’t get the message because you might have lost your phone or there could be any other reason. Finally, after two or three missed payments the lessor’s property manager would contact you with a notice in writing to notify you that you are in lien status and the storage material has been scheduled for auction in the following month. An important question that arises here is “after how many unpaid payments our storage unit is abandoned?”  The answer to this is your storage unit is declared abandoned after a series of consecutive missed payments. When you sign the legal contract for renting up a storage unit, it is mentioned clearly in the agreement that after how many consecutive missed payments they will declare your storage unit abandoned. If your storage units is declared abandoned, the facility will auction it to the higher bidder in order to recuperate dome of the money owed.

What will happen to your stored material? Will the storage facility sell your things? What to do?

The notion of losing one’s belongings is horrifying. And if you don’t pay for your storage bill within your grace period, the whole unit along with its contents is expropriated and you have no longer access to your stored material and belongings. Yes!  this is generally legal. Your belongings will be used by the lessor to recover some of the costs of your unpaid dues. He will advertise your material through local newspaper ads mentioning date, time and venue of the auction. In remote areas with no access to the newspapers, the advertisement is done through announcements. Third party consumers visit such auctions to find some advantageous, profitable and obsolete material. It is totally the choice of the lessor to auction the entire storage unit at once or to auction item by item. The storage unit facility can even notify the lessee regarding the upcoming auction. These items can be purchased by any of the bidders including the actual owner of the item that is the lessee.

If there are some illegal items in your storage unit such as fireworks, drugs, explosives etc.  then these cannot be used for auctioning and are handled immediately to the police.

What if these items still not raise enough money to compensate the outstanding debt? Does abandoning a storage unit hurt your credit?

The storage bill owner can still send a bill of the remaining amount to the lessee. And if he still fails to pay the bill, it is sent to the collections agency which definitely affects your credit score as well.

What if something happens to you?

In case of unforeseen circumstances such as death or accident, it becomes important for you to ensure your family members about the existence of the storage unit so that they can prevent your personal material from being sold off. Family can provide some proof of accident or any other mishappening to the storage owner to get concession with subject to your contract.Read more  mangadex

It is common that there might be a chance of you forgetting about making payment for your storage unit. For your convenience there are many options that would help you to make your payment every month on time such as phone payments via credit card or debit card, online bill payment and even payment in person in the renter office.

After discussing things in detail you might have realized how important it is to understand the terms and conditions before signing the lease agreement, because now you know what can actually happen if you fail to pay your storage bill. One should consider seriously whether he can pay the bill in the long term or not?  This will save you from embarrassment and also your valuables from being getting auctioned thereafter.

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Our recommendations:

  • Choosing a reputed storage unit company
  • Reading terms and conditions of your legal agreement thoroughly.
  • Being in a continuous touch with the storage unit here youtuber streamer
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