What Info to Give Your Seattle Wedding Photographer

When hiring a wedding photographer to capture your special day, you trust and pay them to deliver professional work. There are certain things that you can tell Seattle wedding photographers in advance to achieve great wedding photos. Providing the right details will help them to reflect on you as a couple and tell your story accurately. Here is what to provide for your Seattle wedding photographer.

Important Names

Experienced photographers know the importance of understanding people’s names before the event. This helps them find the right people to include in pictures. It also allows them to easily rearrange and pose people for photos because they can give specific instructions by name.

Provide your photographer with a list of influential people attending the wedding, including family members, significant mentors, and close friends. If there are any vendors you wish the photographer to work with, provide them with their details. Attach photos in an email or document alongside the names and send them to the photographer.

Special Considerations

Special considerations include things like mobility, hearing, and vision impairments. Providing your photographer with this information in advance helps them to make calculated decisions at the right time. It can be especially helpful for posing and arranging groups of people.

Your photographer should have time to check out the location before the wedding so they can prepare for locations that would meet the needs of the group. For example, they could skip pictures in the garden if a member of the wedding party has severe pollen allergies. They could also choose accessible locations if there’s a guest in a wheelchair.

Without this information, a professional photographer can still deliver the best. But since you have paid for their creativity and time, providing them with such details will help them to be productive as possible.

Itinerary for the Day

Let the photographer know when you will be ready. For example, inform them if you would want photos with the groomsmen and bridesmaids before the reception. By providing them with a schedule of the activities that will take place during the day, you allow them to plan their own effective itinerary.

Give them a program of everything planned out for the day. Photographers should know when and where they should be at specific times. The wedding day schedule should also include contact information like phone and room numbers if applicable.

Transportation Information

Transit and parking information can impact the timing of your photo sessions, so this is important information to include. Most photographers use their cars to go to weddings and keep their backup equipment in the trunk.

There may be parking restrictions or limited parking. Whatever the case, your photographer should know. If possible, reserve a spot for them so they can spend less time looking for parking and more time photographing.

Hire the Right Seattle Wedding Photographers

Planning a wedding can be stressful and can quickly get overwhelming. When hiring a professional photographer, you expect high-quality results. The best Seattle wedding photographers will deliver beautiful videos and photos you love. Find a photographer who can capture your memories beautifully.

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