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What is a bidet toilet and why do you need one?

The standard combination is a separate toilet and a separate bidet. Naturally, a toilet and a bidet require much more space than just a bidet toilet. This is what the Japanese came up with back in the 1980s to save space. Bathrooms in Japan are quite compact because of the great lack of space. To give you the most complete idea of what models of bidet toilets are available on the market, we visited several trade shows. 

TOTO GEBERIT comparison

We visited a trade show in Germany. I also looked at some models when I was in Japan. First of all, Japanese manufacturers make bidet toilets. Naturally, it’s the TOTO company, which started producing them in the 1980s. Let’s compare Japanese bidet toilets with the products of the Swiss company GEBERIT.


TOTO toilets with bidet lids are called WASHLET. All the technology is housed in the lid itself. Sometimes they are quite large, but TOTO works on that as well. The simplest model has a remote control that is built into the lid. It has adjustable bidet functions. That is, you can adjust the temperature, pressure, and also adjust the seat heating.  There are higher priced models. They have a remote control. All the same functions, only you control them with a remote control. The top model has an automatic seat opener feature. It has a much more elegant design, which makes it more attractive than previous models.

I don’t really like the WASHLET models because they are necessarily connected to electricity and water from the outside. That is, you will see exactly those wires and the water hose anyway. But the more expensive TOTO model, called the Nearest, is a smart toilet. Completely one-piece, designed as a one-piece product. Like an ordinary tankless toilet.

These toilets have many more features. In addition to the automatic opening, there is also an automatic flush and many more different settings. There are also certain functions that affect the hygiene of the toilet. These are the pre-rinsing of the bowl with special electrolytic water and additional disinfection with ultraviolet light. The large number of functions confuses many, but you should not be afraid. Everything is controlled quite intuitively. It is possible to program individual settings for two users. This is quite convenient.


And now let’s move on to the Swiss manufacturer GEBERIT. Here we can present you three top models of bidet toilets. (Merah, Dumah, Sumah) What is interesting, the designers set themselves the task of making the bidet as similar to an ordinary toilet as possible. And it seems to me that they succeeded. The devices are built inside and look very elegant. Here the function of the bidet is hidden. The most expensive model has an automatic opening. 

There is an extraction and air purification system. As for the flagship model GEBERIT Merah, this toilet model is equipped with the maximum set of functions. Automatically opens the lid and turns on the backlight. The heating also turns on when you approach. You sit down already in a warm place. This saves energy. 

Key Features

I would also like to draw your attention to the fact that the seat is made of duroplast. It is hard and heavy. And it is unique because no manufacturer has yet learned how to heat duroplast. When a person sits down, a weight sensor is triggered, and at that moment the odor-elimination function begins to work. Directly from the toilet bowl, unpleasant odors are collected and pass through the inside of the toilet bowl and out through a ceramic filter. This is GEBERIT’s know-how.  

It is important to note that the cost of a set (toilet with bidet function) and the cost of a separate set (toilet with lid with microlift + bidet with mixer and trap) are about the same when it comes to the basic model. If you also think that installing additional devices will require an additional budget, you can get even more benefit by spending perhaps a little less if you buy a more expensive model.


Naturally, the cost of the toilet depends on the set of functions that it includes. Here, of course, the choice is yours. When choosing a toilet with bidet function, pay attention to the installation. The presence of protruding wires, hoses does not add to the aesthetics. Well, in general, aesthetics – this is the most important thing when choosing. Such a toilet should match the style of your room. Also, pay attention to the reaction speed of the electronics. It differs from manufacturer to manufacturer, and this is also an important point. After all, you are not going to spend time in the toilet forever.

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