What is a camshaft position sensor, and what should you do if it is damaged?

The data from the camshaft position sensor is used by the engine control system to execute the following combustion operations. The ignition point is also essential to an engine’s operation.

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The Camshaft Position Sensor’s basic operation

Two sensors are typically used in engines to locate the crankshaft drive. This sensor now uses the hall effect to work. The sensor also records the ring gear’s position and changes the voltage reading as necessary. A transmitter gadget analyses the voltage signal. Furthermore, it is used to derive the relevant data.

This sensor aids in gathering crucial data for an automobile’s engine control system. It is employed, for instance, to locate and watch over the Camshaft’s rotation.


Close to the cylinder head is where the sensor is situated. It is simple to read the timing rotor and camshaft from this position. The signal at the angle of the camshaft is decoded by the electronic control unit (ECU). Based on the signal sent by this sensor, it will decide whether or not to recognize the cylinder.

The expansion stroke of the cylinder is scanned by this sensor in auto start-stop engines of the present. During acceleration, it is advantageous to supply fuel and spark advance. You are informed about a malfunctioning camshaft sensor before it stops working.

Can I drive if my camshaft position sensor is broken?

This sensor’s signals are used to enhance engine performance. Driving won’t provide any challenges for you. The performance and fuel efficiency of the engine might be affected by camshaft sensors.

To maximize an engine’s effectiveness and performance, this sensor is necessary. Additionally, a fuel supply system and other components are controlled by an electronic engine control unit. The engine’s ignition system is impacted by the malfunctioning camshaft sensor.

It will be useless to calculate data for fuel supply and spark advance at the appropriate time. Therefore, to ensure your automobile runs as efficiently as possible, you need always keep your camshaft sensor up to date.

How can the camshaft position sensor be reset?

Evidently, a camshaft position sensor cannot be reset. Therefore, if your camshaft malfunctions, you will need to replace the component (check the engine light on, acceleration issues, sputtering and stalling, etc.).

If you feel confident working on engines, you can replace the camshaft sensor yourself; otherwise, you can engage a mechanic.

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Am I able to replace the camshaft position sensor on my own?

Without a doubt, sure. Generally speaking, you may replace the camshaft positioning sensor using the basic maintenance manual for your car. But you should be aware of where it is in the vehicle and how it looks.

If you want to replace it, you should be aware of both its appearance and location. Your automobile won’t stop working if you replace a faulty camshaft position sensor. You must seek assistance from a mechanic if you made a replacement mistake.

Why do camshaft position sensors malfunction?

The camshaft position sensor’s performance may be affected by a variety of circumstances, including:

  • The harm is done to the water
  • Tear and wear
  • Corrosion-related degradation of metallic components
  • Harm brought on by engine oil leaks
  • Melting or being too hot
  • A short circuit’s end result
  • The loss brought on by a spark or fire

The performance of the sensor could be impacted by a variety of different circumstances. The camshaft positioning sensor, however, will work properly if you continuously maintain your vehicle.

What are a few of the typical problems?

The main source of damage is oil leaks from the engine. Accidents are another reason. It will limit or stop the sensor’s ability to transmit signals.


Engine oil may leak due to inadequate tightness or the loss of engine components, which could destroy the sensor. Additionally, the wiring and circuitry are unable to communicate signals due to the oil leak.


Can a camshaft position sensor be cleaned?

Every piece of equipment connected to a car needs routine maintenance. The sensor is easy to clean. To turn off all electrical and electronic circuits, first, detach the engine’s battery. 

The next step is to locate it in your car. Before connecting the three cables of the sensor, don’t forget to unplug them first. Clean the sensor with a cleaning solution and allow it to air dry before attaching it.

The three wires on the sensor should be attached where they belong. Restart the system after reconnecting the battery. The sensor for the camshaft’s position has been carefully sanitized. Once some time has passed, repeat this procedure.

finding out more information about the camshaft position sensor through FAQs The most frequently asked questions about the camshaft position sensor are being compiled here.

What is a camshaft position sensor, for example?

An electrical device called a camshaft position sensor does precisely what its name implies: it keeps track of the position and speed of the camshaft and sends that data to the vehicle’s engine control module (ECM). 

The ECM needs this information in order to regulate the amount of fuel that enters the combustion chamber and the timing of the spark that ignites the fuel.

  1. What takes place if a camshaft sensor malfunctions?
  2. The Check Engine Light Is On 

The most common indication that the camshaft position sensor is broken is a lit Check Engine light.

On-board diagnostics II (OBD II) systems efficiently monitor the hardware and software of the vehicle, identifying component deterioration that leads to minor performance changes before a part totally fails. 

When the Check Engine light comes on, you can try to diagnose the issue by connecting to the ECM using a DIY scan tool, but it’s best to get it looked at by a professional. You might have to spend a lot of money on engine and gearbox repairs if you ignore the Check Engine light.

  1. Driving Problems

A camshaft position sensor loses its ability to quickly relay data when it malfunctions. Your automobile will sputter, accelerate slowly, lack power, stall, or even shut off if the fuel delivery and ignition timing are off by even a few milliseconds.

  1. Transmission shifting issues

A malfunctioning camshaft position sensor may send data to the ECM, preventing the gearbox shift solenoids from firing and the gears from shifting. It is referred to as “limp home mode” on some models because it lowers engine speed to help save the engine from harm.

  1. Fuel economy that is poor

Due to faulty camshaft position sensor data, extra fuel can enter the combustion chamber if fuel injectors are left open for an extended period of time. In the combustion chamber, too much liquid gasoline (which does not compress) can build up and inflict serious harm to the engine by banging it.

  1. The Engine Is Unable to Start

If you ignore the warning indications shown JAK Electronics and your camshaft position sensor malfunctions, your car won’t start. A camshaft position sensor’s ability to communicate accurate data to the ECM deteriorates with time. When the data signal is too weak, the ECM stops the delivery of fuel and spark, which prevents your engine from starting.

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