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What is a common problem with skylights?

What is a common problem with skylights? Skylights are a popular way to add natural light to your home. However, they can also pose a few problems. The first problem is that a skylight may leak. This can seem like a minor issue at first, but it can grow into a bigger problem.

Cracked or Broken Panes

A skylight can be a beautiful addition to a home, but it also comes with the potential for problems. One of the most common issues is cracked or broken panes.

These breakages can occur in the glass or around the frame and are usually caused by extreme weather, errant baseballs or physical distress such as slamming the window shut too hard.

Luckily, most breaks can be repaired without requiring any permanent work. Instead, the repair is a short-term fix that involves applying a type of putty or special tape to prevent further cracks and keep water out.

Whether the break is in the glass or around the frame, it is important to have the issue repaired right away to protect your home from damage and help you save money on heating costs. Call a roofing contractor who is experienced in skylights and has the necessary tools to take care of the problem quickly.

Jammed Gears

Most skylights open a few inches to allow air circulation, but the gears that raise and lower them can get jammed. It is usually a good idea to call a professional to inspect and repair your skylight. dripmoda Get Regular Business and Market News. dicksports  Heal Life With Travel in 2023. racerxonline Wrold Latest Information Business News. nyslrs Media nwes and world news website 2023. nifrastips ! Latest News Media 2023.

Some skylights open automatically, with motors. These models require electrical rather than mechanical repairs and might need a different type of service technician.

In some cases, you can use a simple tool to release the jammed gears yourself, but this should only be done by an experienced service technician. It is also a good idea to have a yearly inspection to ensure your skylight is functioning properly.

In addition to being a nuisance, jammed gears can cause damage to your car. The best way to prevent this is to not slam your gear shift and practice shifting smoothly.

Water Leaks

Skylights are designed to allow natural light into your home. They are meant to enhance your living space and increase the value of your property, but leaking skylights can be a big problem if left unattended.

Leaks around your skylight can come from several different places and may not be obvious at first glance. They could be coming from a pipe in your roof, an under-slab vent, or even the flashing of your skylight itself.

If you can find the source of the leak, then you can repair it easily by using silicone caulking or roofing cement to seal the area. If you can’t locate the source of the leak, then you should call a professional to inspect your roof and skylight for problems.

One of the most common reasons that skylights leak is because the weatherproofing surrounding the glass planes has been damaged. This can be caused by small cracks that are invisible to the naked eye or by hailstorms that cause the glass to chip.


When air is too moist, it can come into contact with cold surfaces and condense to water droplets. This happens in all sorts of places, including your windows and skylights.

Most people are used to waking up to condensation on their windows, especially in the winter months when temperatures outside get significantly colder than those inside the house. But not all condensation is a good thing, and it can be a sign of structural problems if it continues for an extended period of time.


It can also lead to mildew growth and damage to your home’s finishes and other indoor assets if left unchecked. Fortunately, there are simple ways you can control moisture and minimize condensation.

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