What is all about Press Brake? Types, Price and More

In the world many types of machines in which some large some small machines, and as we know, Machines are an important part of our life. Now people work almost his all work with the help of it.

Now the day has come when people are dependent on the machine for every small or large work. Cooking traveling, washing clothes, office work, manufacturing all kind of work do with the help of a machine. Even our study also, Earlier teachers taught us on the blackboard, but now teachers are using projectors. Out of them, some machine is very powerful, which surprise us.

Like Underground hydraulic forge, it is the largest hydraulic steel press in the world, and factum breaker is a stone crusher machine it made by from company similarly for the bending to use press brake machine. We can see steel products everywhere in different shapes, and this shape is done by using this tool.

What is Press Brake?

Press Brake is normally used for sheet bending, normally different types of machines available in the market which is used for it.

It is also called a sheet bending machine; it bends to metal sheets. Manufacturing many countries produce this machine in their native places like China, India, UAE, and other countries produce it; it requires all those manufacturing companies that produce something from a metal sheet or steel.


There are two types in which first is Hydraulic, and the other is electronic press brake Hydraulic is an older brake machine whereas it is a common press brake lots of features of this are not present in hydraulic.

How many ways do sheet bending?

Sheet bending is only done in four-way upward, backward, downward, and forward, which is done by this machine.Basically, this machine is two types first is the NC press machine. It has a ram synchronization which works manually. By this NC only, It’s ram down speed generally. Eighty-eight millimetres per second and sheet can be bent only backward and forward by using this.

The second is the CNC press brake machine. CNC stands for computer numerically controlled. How much longer it will be bent is defined by its length. It also positioned the angle of the metal sheet. Apart from that, The main function of it is to turn the sheet at a few mm.

It has more ram speed than the NC. Its speed is generally 162-180 millimetres per second.


It gives benefits to the steel manufacturer and all those industries that manufacture their product of steel. It used to give a perfect shape to metal sheets according to our requirements. At a very little time and very easily bent to the metal sheet, and works well.


If we look at us, it’s used, so its cost is not much high. The minimum cost of it is around 3 lakh, and the maximum cost will be 33 lakh around but don’t go on this cost according to its uses, its cost will be very less. But in some countries, It is very costly, like UAE it sold around $ 100,000.

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