What is B12 vitamin used for?

What is the B12 vitamin?

Vitamin b12 is an indispensable nutrient needed for the growth and development of your body organs. It plays a remarkable role in nourishing the nerve cells, making DNA, RNA, new red blood cells, etc.

It exists naturally in animal-based products such as; meat, liver beef, fish, eggs, and milk. It is also added to the fortified products to overcome its deficiency in older people and vegetarians.

Its daily recommended dosage is nearly 2.4 mcg/day for adults. Some people experience its deficiency; their body cannot make the intrinsic protein that binds the b12 vitamin. Your body cannot bear its deficiency effects; please make sure you are taking the required dose from your diet.

What are the uses of the b12 vitamin?

You may consider vitamin b12 worth that involves your brain and heart health. It drives many biological functions that may be stopped without its presence. It is used from your brain health to nail growth.

Let’s disclose vitamin b12 uses and why it is crucial for the human body.

Improves Brain health:

Vitamin b12 supports the brain and nervous system by preventing brain atrophy, which means neurons are destroyed, leading to dementia and memory loss.

It assists myelin sheath formation around nerve cells, protecting them and boosting their efficiency to respond quickly to stimuli.

Research has found that vitamin b12 with Omega 3-fatty acids supplements may lower mental decline.

Its deficiency may cause poor memory. However, more sound research is needed to support that vitamin b12 boosts memory.

Reduces Heart disease:

Vitamin b12 reduces the chances of heart diseases by reducing the high homocysteine level in blood. Its folate deficiency reduces the homocysteine metabolism; consequently, homocysteine accumulates in your blood. You know elevated homocysteine induces the formation of clots in blood vessels that may damage the heart, lungs, and brain.

Reduces Macular degeneration risk:

It reduces the risk of macular degeneration in old age people. Macular degeneration means eye disease, loss of vision due to old age. Older peoplegradually lose their sight due to a deficiency of vitamin b12 and other nutrients.

Researchers claim that a combination of vitamin b12, folic acid, and vitamin b6 supplements may improve vision health and lower the risk of age-related macular degeneration.

Prevents Neural tube defects:

Vitamin b12 and b9 are the main players in maintaining pregnancy and the successful birth of babies. It avoids neural tube defects in fetus and prevent early birth or miscarriages. The daily recommended dose for pregnant women is 2.6 mcg/day because its deficiency triggers miscarriage.

Pernicious anemia:

Pernicious anemia is a disease in which your body cannot make new healthy blood cells, leading to the deficiency of red blood cells. Vitamin b12 is used to treat this anemia; it promotes the formation of new healthy red blood cells in your body. Consequently, the level of RBC is enhanced in your body that carries more oxygen to your body tissues, and you may feel better and more comfortable.

Supports the Bone health:

Vitamin b12 has also supported bone health; its adequate level provides strength to bones and makes them strong by maintaining bone mineral density. If the level of bone mineral density is lowered, it make your bones fragile and delicate.

Supports the growth of skin, hair, and nails:

Vitamin b12 is a significant component in making healthy skin, hair, and nails. Its deficiency reduces the growth of your hair and makes your nail delicate.

Helps in Energy Production:

An active form of vitamin b12 is Adenosylcobalamin can enter the cell mitochondria (energy powerhouse), where it assists the mitochondria in the breakdown of carbohydrates and produces energy in a massive amount.

Cure Cyanide Poisoning:

Hydroxocobalamin is naturally present in bacteria form ofvitamin b12. Its injection is used to replenish vitamin b12 dearth and only doctors can prescribe it.

Hydroxocobalamin is used to cure cyanide poisoning. This treatment is most demanding and safe than other treatments.


Vitamin b12 is an integral component to drive your body safely. Vitamin b12 also acts as a co-factor for various enzymes that catalyze significant mechanisms. Vitamin b12 is used to improve brain health, heart health, reduce the risk of osteoporosis, miscarriages, and boost your body’s energy.


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