What is Digitizing for Embroidery? Important Things to Know

The first thing that may come to your mind is what is digitizing. So first the first thing that we are going to discuss is digitizing. You can refer to digitizing as the process in which a sequence of instructions is given to the embroidery machine. After receiving the information the machine interprets to sew the thread in a specific way. You can refer to good digitizing as a form of art. You can find many embroidery digitizing services that can provide you with a beautifully embroidered design.

Digitizing is the part of the discussion if you have ever researched having apparel embroidered. If you want to embroider a design onto your garment then you need digitizing. You cannot achieve it without using digitizing. You cannot make an embroidery machine work without the help of a digitized file.

What is a digitized embroidery file?

When you talk about a digitized file it is not a thing that you can have. The only time when you will have it is then when you have manufactured one before or someone has sent you the file. When you have a specific graphic design company that makes a logo or design for you, digitalized files are something that will not be included. One can consider them completely different from the vector art files.

You can use the digitalized files only with the commercial embroidery machines. You will not be able to open the file and look at it if you don’t have the proper software. Companies don’t generally have this type of software. You also have a run sheet if you have a digitalized file. You can refer to this file as a PDF file. It holds great importance in the work. It is responsible to show the thread colors and the sequences of the embroidery design to the machine.

Digitizing instructions

Digitizing is a complex task so the instructions in the file contain extremely detailed instructions. To cover the main aspects of the file we are going to discuss some of the topics.


Every task has an initial stage. So in this design, you can refer to the underlay stitching as the initial stitching. The special stitches in the machine perform the task of holding the fabric to the backing. They also help in laying down the fibers. In this way, the main portion of the design easily sits on the top.


The path of the embroidery digitizing is determined by the digitizer. So it is necessary to guide the machine where to start and where to stop. The embroidery path is responsible for guiding this to a machine. The path is responsible for guiding the machinery in different steps. For example, at first, it will tell the machine to sew the fill of the design. After that, it will tell the machine to the border over the edge. If it is not done in the right way the design will look odd instead of looking great. After completing this we can move to the next aspect of the machine.

Pull compensation

When the embroidery compensates for the different types of fabrics, you can refer to it as the full compensation. Some fabrics don’t stretch at all. If you think about the leather you will realize that it is extremely rigid. But there are also some fabrics that are extremely flexible and stretchable. With the help of pull comp, you can easily sew different types of fabrics.

Stitch types

The next thing that a digitized file does is to have instructions on what type of stitching to use in a design. So there are three main types of embroidery stitches Run, Satin, and fill stitches. You can use a Run stitch on tiny and small parts like borders and text. When we talk about Satin stitch it is more about common. We mostly use it in most text, some details, and thick borders. And at last, there is fill stitch. You will see many variations in fill stitches. If you want to create patterns in the design by sewing the thread in different directions then you can use fill stitches. You can create your custom patches in different sizes and shapes.

For each job the instructions in a file are error-free. So for each garment type, you need a new file. If you are willing to print designs on a cap, hoodie, and polo you will need three unique files.

Digitizing software and embroidery files

The two most popular digitizing software packages are Pulse and Wilcom. There are many companies that are making digitizing software. You can use a .dst file with an embroidery machine. So these were some of the important things of digitizing. Here are some benefits of embroidery digitizing

Unified team clothing 

The main benefit that you can avail of from an embroidery machine is that you can manufacture unified clothing. The logos help you to build the same team uniforms. When you are manufacturing several pieces of clothing with the same designs then digitalized embroidery can greatly help you.

High quality and accuracy

After the digitization of the artwork, the quality and accuracy level of the designs have gone far away from our expectations. When you see the final output it will look appealing. It will be soothing to the eyes. To get a perfect output you need to have little expertise in placing the perfect design. With the help of digitization, you can have your work done with complete accuracy and high quality.


The world is making progress daily, new and new designs are coming into the market. So there are wide designs of embroidery which can be easily done with the help of embroidery digitizing. You can multiply the design output with the same feel.

Easy to use

There is no rocket science in working on your computer and making a perfect design. Creativity does not need any expertise. So you can easily manage anything through the software. You can easily follow your favorite design and put it on the cloth.

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