What Is Heather Honey | Why It’s So Special

Heather honey is one of the most popular and beneficial honey. Its color is reddish amber, and it is woody and floral in taste. Besides, it has a strong room-filling aroma. Now, this honey is referred to as food and drinks both because of its gelatinous state. This honey is enriched with various health benefits. So, you should consider buying this.

Why Is Heather Honey So Unusual?

Let’s see why heather honey is so unusual:

Can’t Be Poured

One of the oldest characteristics of heather honey is that it’s thixotropic, which is a fancy word that means it has a jelly-like consistency in the jar or bottle. Now, if you tip the pot on its side, it won’t discharge toward the top; it will remain firmly in place.

It’s actually good that it can’t be poured. That is because the purer the heather honey, the longer it will stay attached to the jar before softening and beginning to flow. To properly pour it, you have to stir it first, and it will quickly become jellylike again after that. You can also identify high-quality heather honey by its dark amber color, which inclines toward red or orange, and a large number of air bubbles trapped inside.

Handle With Care

We all know that beekeeping is a challenging profession, but no more so than when harvesting pure Ling heather honey. Now, the dense consistency that causes the honey to stick to the side of a jar makes it tremendously difficult to extract from a honeycomb as well. Apiaries must be prepared with special equipment for the task; they can use either honey looseners or special plastic needles called “perforextractors” to remove the honey, and then use tangential honey spinners, which temporarily liquefy the honey so it can be properly spun.

Then the rest of the honey production process is somewhat complicated, too. Heather honey comprehends more water than any other type. The water content for each of those varieties can’t exceed 23%, but less is better, so it must be softened and tested after pressing. It may be challenging and meticulous work, but the honey is worth it.

Finding Ling Heather Honey

Heather plants are the sources of Ling honey that grow most commonly in the moors of Scotland, but they also multiply in northern areas of Britain and Ireland. At the same time, some plants still grow in regions of Germany as well; heather was once abundant there, but most once-open German heathlands have now been replaced by farms. That’s why the U.K. and Western Europe are the best places to get heather honey since these are not produced in the United States.


I already mentioned that you would be able to identify heather honey with its usually dark amber, no lighter than caramel and often featuring a red or orange tint. However, it has a strong aroma that combines woodsy and fruit scents with a strong but mildlysweet taste and a tangy aftertaste. The heather honey has thick steadiness, and influential taste makes it less than ideal for use as a sugar substitute in tea or in baking. On the other hand, it also provides a characteristic, exciting, and different flavor when used as a topping on wafflesor ice cream or mixed with yogurt.

Health Benefits of Heather Honey

All sorts of honey have health benefits, but heather honey stands top on the list. It is extremely valuable for its antioxidant properties. Also, heather is the European honey variety with the highest levels of phenolic acids that is good for preventing the cellular damage that can be done by free radicals in the body. Additionally, that action helps fight illnesses and diseases as serious as cancerandheart disease.

When buying Heather honey make sure you are getting it from a credible source. Beware of unscrupulous dealers who cut Heather honey with high fructose corn syrup to boost profit margins.

Final Words

You see how heather honey is useful and unusual as well. You should always go for this honey since it’s the top on the list and has many health benefits. You can Honig aus der Imkerei Ahrens Kaufen / Bestellen.

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