What is the best traveling advice for 2022

As borders throughout the world reopen, tourists have a new world of possibilities. Whether you’ve been cooped up at home or traveling across continents, 2022 offers a unique set of options for experiencing a bucket-list adventure—or two!

Most countries are ready to welcome foreign tourists after nearly two years of neglect. Change brings opportunity, so what are you waiting for? 

This is the time to be organized in order to make the most of your vacation time. In this article, we asked some travel bloggers and people who like to do outdoor activities for their best piece of advice. Keep reading to learn more:

Top 9 Traveling Tips For 2022

Be Safe And Plan Your Daily Activities

Choose places that are not crowded, the virus is still easy to catch anywhere so maintain distance from other people. Outdoor activities are most likely to be safer for better ventilation.

Secure additional budget during your trip for unexpected health protocols or requirements.  

Plan your daily activities, better if you search places ahead if they are open for tourists anytime or they implement the limited number of tourists they will allow to visit per day.

Just enjoy. As long as you follow health protocols you don’t need to worry about anything. Eat local foods and do exciting activities.

This quote was provided by Anton Radchenko. He is the founder of AirAdvisor.

Get An Insurance

In normal times, travel insurance should be a priority for any traveler, but in the last year, we have seen just how important it truly is. Travel insurance has become an essential because of the rapidly changing travel requirements, restrictions, and more around the country and the world. Travel insurance is not just important for international trips either, it’s become apparent that it’s just as crucial on domestic trips. On any trip that takes you 100 miles or more from home, it’s wise to protect it with a travel insurance plan.

Travel insurance doesn’t have to be complicated either, at we do the research for you. We partner with the world’s leading providers that we know and trust, and take your unique trip and traveler details to recommend the best plan and value for you. All you need to do is enter your details in 3 easy steps, and you’ll find your recommended plan quickly. We also provide clear side by side comparisons of different plans and customizable smart filters to easily narrow down the plans and benefits that suit your needs.

This quote was provided by Chelsea Capwell from Travel Insurance Master. 

Book Your Flight And Hotels Early

Because of the pandemic’s extraordinary pent-up demand for travel, now is the best time to book early. Expect hotels and tour operators to sell out quickly, especially if you’re considering a domestic trip (such as to one of our magnificent national parks or places recognized for fantastic outdoor adventure possibilities). 

Thankfully, airlines and travel businesses are providing unprecedented flexibility in their booking regulations, making booking early a win-win situation for the passenger in many circumstances. The earlier you book, the more alternatives you’ll have and the lower the financial risk. Make your arrangements ahead of time, then sit back and count down the days before your amazing vacation begins.

Thanks to Charles Larosa. He is the CEO of Prepared Cooks

Keep A Log With You

When it comes to traveling, always keep a log with you for any items you bring along. It is very common even from my experience to forget things like toothbrushes or shampoo and clothing behind especially if you are in a rush. This brings me to my second tip, do not rush to leave your hotel or get on the road. This almost always resulted in me leaving things behind, you have to learn to take your time. You do not want to lose your valuables on a trip.

This quote was provided by Tim Connon, Founder of ParamountQuote Insurance Advisors.

Go To Europe!

The best advice we can give for 2022, for travel to Europe at least, is simply this: Go! Anyone who traveled in 2021 to Europe had a truly unforgettable time, with less crowds. Interest for 2022 is strong but numbers will still be below 2019’s peak.

This quote was provided by Charles Neville from Jay Way Travel

Make Sure Your Booking Is Refundable

Since it seems like the world can change pretty quickly these days with new mask mandates, vaccine requirements for traveling into other countries, and more, it’s best to be prepared before you travel in 2022. 

I highly recommend travelers make sure that whatever they are booking is refundable.  Whether it be a plane ticket, hotel booking, Stasher or anything else. You don’t know if you or a family member might get sick before you travel so it’s best to be proactive and make sure whatever you book is refundable before you book just in case!

This quote was provided by Ali Redmond, Founder at Inspired Lifestyle Blog.

Prefer Municipal or State Holidays over National Holidays for Travel

I have two reasons for this suggestion. First, the threat of Covid variant Omicron due to rush on National holidays. Second, economically it is not wise to travel on National holidays.

National holidays are always more complicated because many people travel, favorite destinations are full and prices are high. So, the tip is to choose to travel on municipal or state holidays, because, in this case, the chosen destination will be in normal activity and so you will have a better chance of getting cheaper tickets and accommodation with quality activities.  

This quote was provided by Richard Lubicky, Founder/CEO at RealPeopleSearch.

Be Safe

Research your destination and know the health and safety restrictions. You’ll want to know if masks are required or if you’ll have to show a vaccine card to get in. 

Have a backup plan in case someone in your party gets sick. If you or someone in your party tests positive for COVID, you may not be able to fly home, so have a backup plan and be ready to rent a car and drive home if need be.

Try to avoid crowds by not traveling at the busiest times of year.  Avoid family destinations around school break times.

Thanks to Jonathan de Araujo. He is the owner of The Vacationeer.

Plan Wisely

Aside from reviewing Covid-19 protocols first, my best traveling advice this 2022 is to plan wisely. You might already hear this a million times but I’m gonna mention it over and over again. When traveling, there’s nothing worse than knowing you forgot something when you’re about to use it. 

As a frequent traveler, I often forget crucial things like travel documents, phone chargers, toiletries, alcohol and a lot more when in a hurry. And I even dedicate lots of time to packing just to ensure I’ll never forget something, but still missed a thing or two behind. So I decided to create a “travel space” at home. It is where all my travel must-haves are kept. With it, I can pack everything I need faster without forgetting a single thing for my trip. And the best part is it always comes in handy during my last-minute packing.

The bottom line, you need to understand that when it comes to traveling, it will only take a misplaced pen to throw a jolt in your whole trip. Therefore you need to ensure you plan wisely and pack everything you need to avoid being stressed and ruining your travel.

This quote was provided by Sarah Davis, Founder at Motherhood HQ. 

The Bottom Line

Traveling is the lungs of life. You need to travel every now and then to relieve yourself from all the stress you’re dealing with through your daily activities. We also listed some outdoor activities that you can use to enjoy your trips. 

I hope you can carve out some time this year to enjoy some recreational pleasure! Life is far too short to be spent doing things that don’t make you happy.

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