What is the Range of Power That the Lasik Technique Can Treat Successfully?

While one of the best treatments for your eyes is Lasik eye surgery, there are some limitations to it. Not everyone is eligible for this surgery. The technology has advanced a lot and gets better with each passing year. It is an important surgery for many who are looking to make their eyes better. It fixes a number of problems and has no complications involved. However, there are conditions it cannot take care of. More importantly, there may be conditions where you may have to get a Lasik treatment ( done again; Or, where it simply cannot be done. There are limitations to a Lasik surgery and how the surgery is ultimately carried out. 

What are the Limitations to Lasik Surgery?

Eligible Range of Power: The minimum age requirement for Lasik is 18 years of age. This is because your number does not become stable before that age. Even then, you should wait a few more years before you actually go in for the surgery. The number should be stable for some time. This essentially means that no other problem may necessarily develop in the eyes. Post a certain age, it necessarily does not become worse generally. However, even this depends on how high your power is. If your number is anywhere between -1.0 to -3.0, it will be stable by the age of 18. However, if it is between 3.0 and 6.0, you should wait a few years. Ideally, by the time when you are 22, the number stabilizes and does not change. If your number is higher than 9.0, it may or may not become stable after the age of 22 as well. This is why you have to consult with your doctor first, to understand if you are eligible for the surgery. Your number plays the most important role in that decision. 

Why Does the Range of Power Matter So Much?

The number you have is the most important factor in determining whether or not you can have this surgery. Most fundamentally, it shows the extent of your problem. You may have astigmatism or may be developing it. This makes the surgery a little complicated. The doctor may suggest a different kind of surgery for you. The number is an indicator to how thick your cornea is. When you wear spectacles, the glasses refract the light, so that it enters your eyes at the exact spot on your retina. This is what allows you to see clearly. If your number is too high, it can cause an excessive flattening of the cornea. This is why beyond -8.0 and -10.0, Lasik surgery is not applicable for you. You will have to go in for an ICL implant. And for a plus number, the limit is +5.0. 

What is an ‘Ideal Cornea’ for Lasik Surgery?

Eye specialists too researched and gained a lot of experience in Lasik surgeries. The cornea cannot be too flat or too steep for this surgery. However, when you are going for your check, even if it is a general check-up. Avoid wearing contact lenses a few days before the appointment. This is because contact lenses can press the cornea a bit too much. This will not only make the reading of your number incorrect; But it also presses the cornea. This will make it seem as though the cornea is more curved than it actually is. You will just be wasting a visit to the doctor, so simply do not wear your contact lenses at least 4-5 days before you go see your eye specialist. 

A flat cornea will make the surface area for the surgery lesser. Lasik essentially lifts up the flap of the cornea. This may cause some difficulties in actually creating that flap. However, if this is the case with you, there may be a different kind of Lasik that will be prescribed to you. A steep cornea causes an irregular thickness of the cornea. Here too, a FemtoSecond Laser surgery will be done for you, so that no complication can rise out of these surgeries. All these conditions however do take place because of the kind of number you already have. There are many other factors that play a major role in the thickness and flatness of your cornea, which may cause some complications. It is important that all these aspects are checked out at the time of tests.   

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