Working for six to eight hours a day is a very common thing in almost all the professions. A significant part of the day is spent sitting on a chair, in front of a desk with work spreaded all over it and a flat screen constantly straining our eyes. Work is inevitable and so is the hardship that comes with it. A person, be it at home or in office, has to go through this trouble.

The way we sit as well as the type of chair we sit on, are related to each other. Our spine bears the most strain among all the other affected parts of our body. A wrong posture ensures various problems associated with the spinal cord. This is the very reason why back pain, potbelly, spinal dysfunction, joint degeneration, rounded shoulders, have become very common problems these days.

To put an end to our misery, specific chairs have been designed in a way that they provide maximum comfort to the body by supporting the back. These are known as Ergonomic chairs.

This article discusses the specialistes of ergonomic chairs.


An ergonomic chair is a kind of chair that has been specifically designed to provide best support to the human body. It takes care of things like correct posture, health, comfort and back support etc.


All this fuss about ergonomic chairs but did you ever wonder why they are considered the best computer chairs for long hours? We’ve got the answer for you!

  1. Posture support : Of the plenty of chairs out there, only a few are capable of naturally fixing your body posture by providing the right support. Ergonomic chairs prevent problems like back pain by providing the right support at the right point.

The lower part of the back of the chair that curves forward slightly to match the natural curve in the lumbar spine. This helps in preventing the exertion caused on the back.

  1. Breathable back : Sweating is natural mostly on summer days. Many of the ergonomic chairs come with a breathable mesh that helps in the passage of hair. Thus, keeping our back dry.
  2. Reduction of hip pressure : another speciality of ergonomic chairs is that they are capable of maintaining pelvis alignment. This prevents pain in the lower back or lumbar disc.
  3. High adjustability : Unlike the common chairs, ergonomic chairs allow you to adjust them as per the need. Employees, even the people at home, come in all different shapes and heights. For a chair to be ‘good’, it is essential that it adjusts as per the requirement of the person sitting on me.

You can adjust the lumbar support height, the armrest height, the seat height, the seat depth, the headrest height and angle, the backrest tilt and the tilt tension in most versions of the ergonomic chairs. The swivel

  1. Long life : The comfortable ergonomic chair for office have a long life so you don’t have to worry about replacing them with new ones, any time soon. Also, in case of any malfunctioning, one can always use the warranty cards.
  2. Improved comfort : Ergonomic chairs come in exchange for a good sum of money. This is because the material of the chair is rich. The seat cushions as well as the back cushions in the chair are thicker and contoured for better fit. The other adjustability functions also make it possible for the person to be at utmost comfort while working.
  3. Productivity enhancement : Naturally, when we are in the best zone, our mind works efficiently. Ergonomic chairs ensure the comfort that makes us capable of delivering productive work.


  1. Is the chair safe for people suffering from back problems?

Yes. The chair has been tested in labs and is guaranteed to be safe for people with back problems.

  1. Are ergonomic chairs expensive?

Yes, they are definitely more expensive than most of the other kinds of office chairs. However, spending a good sum of money on a chair with such diverse benefits is worth it.

  1. Can ergonomic chairs rotate?

Yes, they provide a 360 degree rotation.


The mental and physical stress caused by this monotonous ‘sitting on the chair for hours’ routine is inexplicable. The harm it can cause to the body is beyond our expectations. Surely, it takes time to reach that level but each day only adds to the misery. In these situations, it is ergonomic chairs that come in handy.

The special features of the chair makes it worth every penny spent on it. It has been specifically designed to assist our bodies and reduce the everyday struggle. Health is as important as work. To ensure effectiveness in work, one needs to look after the things that seem to be petty at first. If left unattended, can lead to severe consequences.

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