What type of Cake Disposable Should You Try?

Vaping is an activity that involves a lot of choices, and most of them are not made easily.  You see, there are simply so many options when it comes to the different types that we can try!  This opens us up to many more opportunities too, in terms of all the things that we can experiment with.

What do I mean by that?  Well, for starters, there are a ton of different kinds of vapes. Today, though, I will be explaining that and some of the other facets at play.  Obviously, I cannot tell you exactly which to choose, but ideally this article can help you make an informed decision!

The Different Types

As I referenced above, there are many different types of vapes.  You can get some details on what they are in general on this page, but I will be focusing on the specifics for today’s article.  You see, each will have their own unique mechanics and uses, so it is not a bad idea to get familiar with all of them!


As the name suggests, these kinds are essentially meant to mimic traditional cigarettes in all the ways that they can. They are typically referred to as e-cigarettes, and they are often meant for beginners.  I have rarely seen them not use nicotine, which is probably the biggest drawback here.  Just know that because they are so similar to the traditional ones, it is one of the ways in which people transition from regular smoking to vaping.


These types are a bit different than the above, of course, but remain one the smaller side of the vape pens available on the market. They can fit in your hand and are usually flat.  Think of a pen, really, to get an idea of their shape.

What do the kits include when you purchase one? A rechargeable battery and then the pod that is replaceable.  Inside that pod are the liquid of your choice along with the coil, tank, and mouthpiece. This makes them fairly simple in that the user does not have to worry about those components as much, making them popular both for experienced vapers and those who are just starting out.


In this category, there are two subgroups. There are both rechargeable vape pens and disposable ones.  They work similarly though, thankfully, so this should not get too confusing in that department.

These are the ones that seem to be most popular on the market right now.  We see phrases like “click for cake” fairly often for the disposable types, since they have been a rising star lately online.  So, let us cover this version first.

For disposable vape pens, you get many puffs on it (a predetermined number) before the liquid runs out inside and you need to purchase a new one.  They are quite convenient, though, and usually rather discreet.  There is also the benefit of not necessarily being nicotine based – some have delta 8 cartridges inside, meaning that you can vape a variety of different substances via the disposable ones.

The rechargeable ones are similar in design but do require refills and have to be charged.  So, it will be up to you to decide which you prefer.  Of note with the pens is that the flavors inside can vary greatly, meaning that you get the choice of what you want.  Most of them are sweet though, just a fair warning!

Box Kits

If you have ever seen the large vapes that come in a variety of designs but are bulky in comparison to the others, then you are familiar with box kits in some capacity!  They have many components and can be a bit difficult to manage, so typically they are recommended for advanced users who know what they are looking for.

That being said, there is certainly nothing wrong with using them (or at least giving them a try).  Plenty of people really enjoy them.  You can read more about them here:  The trouble typically comes from the fact that the parts can break fairly easily if it is ever dropped.

So, as long as you are cognizant of that and do not mind the costs involved in maintaining or replacing a box kit, it could very well be the option for you.

Other Considerations

Now that you know your options, what other factors are there to take into account?  As you can expect, there are plenty.  Perhaps the most important one, though, is the question of what liquid you want to vape.  To explain a bit more, I think that the decision between something like a nicotine vape or a delta 8 one is a big deal.

If you are just quitting normal cigarettes, you may want to stick to nicotine in your vape pen at least for the time being. Otherwise, though, trying something like delta 8 might be the right option for you!  Now, for anyone curious about what delta 8 is, it is a compound that is in the THC family, meaning that it has similar properties in terms of the effects on our brains.

However, it does not come from any marijuana plants naturally.  Instead, it is created by scientists!  Therefore, it is legal in most states, unlike normal weed.  So, think about that as you are deciding between the vapes that are on the market!

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