What You Should Know About Connetix Pastels Ball Run Pack

Connetix magnetic tile ball runs are designed to foster cognitive, social, emotional, and imaginative development while sparking imagination. This 106-piece connetix pastel ball run pack includes specifically designed tubes and staircases for added fun!

This 106-piece pastel expansion pack includes all of the essential ball run pieces – pastel connector tiles and 8 pastel wooden balls as well as 2 special effect stair soundscape tubes and 2 split tubes designed specifically to promote racing fun.

Easy to set up

Contrasting the common magnetic marble runs available today, connetix tiles feature transparent tubes, slides and bowls which enable children to observe their ball moving along its journey through the run. This brings an exciting new element into building and playing experiences for kids aged three or above; connetix tiles encourage problem-solving skills as well as fine motor development while developing these essential qualities in children.

Connetix is an open-ended quality toy designed to grow along with children as their imagination and engineering develop. They can build their first simple ball run before exploring all the endless possibilities with its pastel ball run expansion pack – 106 pieces of zooming, spinning fun!

This expansion pack includes pastel connector square magnetic tiles, eight wooden balls and new pieces such as pastel connector X-shape tubes to re-direct action; double bowls designed for collaborative play and racing fun; spiral pieces for eye tracking; spiral pieces that track eye movement and 2 special effect stair soundscape tubes. In addition, there is also a set of clear fluted tubes and S bend tubes specifically made for racing fun!

Suitable for children aged 3+

Magnetic tiles offer children an engaging open-ended quality toy that supports creativity, spatial awareness and motor development from an early age – while stimulating cognitive development! Children will develop knowledge around scientific and mathematical concepts through play!

This exciting pack of 106 pieces contains pastel connector magnetic tiles and wooden balls to take your Connetix creations to the next level. Additionally, this set comes complete with NEW exclusively designed fluted tubes, clear fluted tubes for re-directing or pivoting action, double entry bowls designed for collaborative play or racing fun, spiral pieces for eye tracking testing purposes as well as transparent pieces that show balls moving through them while encouraging creative play – ideal for kids aged three years old and up containing magnets or small parts (choking Hazard). Recommended Age 3+ (contains magnets or small parts). Warning choking Hazard

Great for developing fine motor skills

Connetix tiles foster children’s creativity through open ended construction play, particularly the Ball Run pack that contains extension pieces to extend it further. Utilizing magnetic building tiles helps develop fine motor skills as children stretch, reach, grip and grasp to build their creations – an essential prepping skill needed for writing due to pencil grip requirements for handwriting.

This set includes a splitter piece which sends wooden balls in different directions – perfect for races! Plus two stairs which produce beautiful sounds as the balls travel down them! Additionally there are clear tubes to help children observe how the balls move within their creations as well as a cloth carrying bag that keeps all of the pieces together when not being used.

Connetix tiles offer children an exciting way to explore patterns and mandalas while teaching symmetry and pattern recognition. Their clear tubes allow children to clearly see the balls moving throughout their creations – perfect for supporting visual learners!

Great for encouraging creativity

This open-ended pack featuring pastel connector tiles and wooden balls opens up endless creative play opportunities! Comprised of 106 pieces, such as classic ball run pieces such as clear fluted tubes and fun split tubes as well as staircases, as well as special pieces like two Y-shaped “splitters” that direct wooden balls in different directions, two special effect stair soundscape tubes are sure to keep players engaged for hours of creative fun!

Children will love watching their wooden marbles race through an exciting maze they have designed with this set. Perfectly complements our magnetic tile sets!

Connetix tiles feature bright pastel colors and earthy tones to capture children’s imaginations and promote cognitive development, spatial awareness, identification of common shapes and fine motor skills development through open-ended play.

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