It’s been a while since we last heard of Mr. Ladell Parks, and now he’s back with what appears to be his own video game.

We last heard of Ladell Parks after he released his hit book Risking It All and before that he appeared in Watch Dogs 2 and a few films and tv shows. Parks also released several screenplay books one of them being Jaden & Jasmine the very same title as his new video game.

The game is called Jaden & Jasmine: The Curse of Deception it is based off his book series of the same title. The story is told in a visual novel form and follows a boy named Jaden Black who’s put under an evil curse to kill anyone who he might come into contact with. Jasmine Miles is also after him she’s under contract to stop him from killing anyone.

The game also has another story mode to it called Villainess Situations it follows 3 teenage boys with 3 different storylines.

More about Ladell Parks is he released a musical album in 2015 called Khaos Kontrol, this was followed an EP called JLM EP, his hit single called Pour Up was featured on his game. In early 2020 Ladell decided to remove all of his music online even from his official Youtube channel. He stated that he did it cause he was an author and didn’t wanna be confused with the public as a rapper or anything else in music. However, some songs still appear on his Instagram channel.

Ladell was once known for competing competitively in Super Smash Bros and Mortal Kombat tournaments in his local community he’s won multiple tournaments before moving to a new city in Minnesota, he stated he was good but didn’t think he was good enough to go pro.

Besides competing in local video games tournaments Parks is a huge video game fan, the majority of his Youtube content is random video game clips, although he’s not very active on Youtube much, he did state that creating a YouTube channel about gaming did inspire him to one day create his own video game.

Ladell Parks originally wanted his first video game to be 8-bit after playing Linkin Park 8-Bit Rebellion! video game, he stated after playing that video game he knew he wanted to create his own video game one day. But actually, it wasn’t until he played EA The Cause of Death Video Game which is also in a visual novel format same as Jaden & Jasmine.

He has released books such as Beautiful Deception, Contacts, Chris & Marcus: The Legend of Darkness, and Escaping the Mob. But before coming up with Jaden & Jasmine Ladell Parks appeared as an extra in The Amazing Spiderman 2 and 17 Again.

Ladell didn’t get his big break until he appeared in Ubisoft video game series Watch Dogs 2. While acting he continued writing scripts and releasing screenplays online.

Jaden & Jasmine: The Curse of Deception was originally released on steam on June 10th, 2021, later released on Xbox One on January 21th, 2022.

Jaden and Jasmine is a retold book series he created back in 2009 called Ladell’s Fantasy: A Curse to Kill. Wasn’t until 2021 he got the idea to go back and change the story and characters a bit until Jaden and Jasmine: The Curse of Deception was created.

You can also keep up with everything about Jaden & Jasmine on Ladell Parks social media accounts listed below.

Jaden & Jasmine: The Curse of Deception is available right now on XBOX ONE and Steam.

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