Why are Millennial revisiting customer relations?

For several years, a new generation of consumers has interested and intrigued advertisers: young working people, also known as “millennials”. 

Born between 1980 and 2000, ultra-connected, this so-called “Y” generation grew up with the Internet and digital tools. Constituting 75% of assets in 2030, these digital natives represent enormous potential for brands, and are a particular target in the field of marketing. why customer service is so important to millennials? Read the entire article below;

It is also necessary to have a customer service for millennials relationship management adapted to the habits and expectations of these young workers, very different from previous generations.

These digital children demonstrate the ease in finding what they are looking for on the web. If despite this autonomy and their behavior, they need to contact your customer service; their choices are directed towards digital channels with human contact. In the event of a bad experience with your customer service, not only does the young worker risk leaving the competition, but they would also be more inclined to talk about it with those around them.

To seduce and conquer this generation 

A multichannel, synchronized, and responsive customer relationship born with the Internet, young working people have developed their own digital knowledge and know-how to find answers to their questions in a few minutes. What millennials expect from customer service? Read below;

Responsive and synchronized media

Ultra-connected, they surf all day long and switch from tablets, smartphones, and computers with great ease. According to a study by frontofficesolution, 77% of Millennial’ digital time is on mobile.

The Coupon Follow study reveals that to make their purchases:

  • 31% of Millennial say they opt for digital
  • 16% via mobile
  • 76% of Millennial browse the web before making an online or in-store purchase
  • 67% do their research online before going to a store to make a purchase.

If you have a female target, know that Millennial Moms (young mothers) are heavy mobile users. Indeed, according to the study by the Interpublic Group’s Mobile (IGAM) and Millennial Media, the mobile is their first shopping companion. They also spend more time on the cross-screen or cross device than the Millennial Dads. Regarding the customer relationship, 70% of individuals from the “genY” say they hope to be able to solve their problem on their own, without anyone’s help. If, however, they do need to contact your customer service, they require access to help anywhere, be it email, social media, or any other channel so as not to be forced to change channel to solve their problem. The ideal for a business is to be a channel.

Paradoxically, Millennial, addicted to new technologies, do not want a 100% digital world. Indeed, the millennial focus group, which has shown that direct human interaction, is still favored by this population.

You have every interest in ensuring that your media are “responsive” in order to satisfy young workers with an increasingly channel and physical customer journey: 

  • Web to store
  • Store to the web,
  • Order online from the store,
  • Etc.

Real-time responsiveness

However, the experience is very often negative or insufficient according to the study by The Northbridge Group entitled “The State of Customer Service 2015”. Social networks are too slow to respond to requests; catboats come to the rescue knowing that young people from Generation Y are extremely demanding in terms of responsiveness. These computer programs are able to communicate with your customers through an automated conversation service based largely on Automatic Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Integrated into customer relationship management, they ensure real-time presence and responsiveness to this ultra-connected target. However, to use this kind of tool, you must necessarily have a significant and actionable base of customer knowledge.

Remember that humans are always reassuring in the face of automated messaging and conversational robots. The mistake to be avoided would be to completely eradicate human interaction in the stages with added value for Millennial, in particular during contact with customer service. It is therefore important to plan for an escalation to a human when the Chabot is unable to respond to the request addressed to it.

Reduced waiting time

You will understand, hyper-connected, these young workers are eager for instantaneity. They expect fast, easy, almost impulsive service. Reducing waiting time is, therefore, a major criterion to take into account in your customer relationship. However, the reality of businesses does not match the demands of Millennial when it comes to waiting for a response. They want their request to be processed as quickly as possible, if not immediately, which is even more important when Millennial say they can switch stores or brands after a bad online experience.

Boost their independence and their need for autonomy

Young workers addicted to “Self-care” or “digital care”

According to Front Office Solutions young workers show a real interest in “Self-care” or “e-care” tools. These digital media allow the customer to carry out actions to manage his customer account or to have recourse to customer service information in complete autonomy, in particular through FAQs or community forums.

According to a leading call answering service etc. If by chance, a young worker had to contact your customer service, there would be some existing frustration. Indeed, in the inability to solve his problem himself due to a lack of information in particular on the Internet, he would be forced to go through your support to get answers to his questions. And if he does not find the solution by himself, he can count on an active community within community forums. An addiction to technology, the smartphone screwed in hand, does not make him an egocentric and individualistic individual. On the contrary, young workers above all have very sociable characters.

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