Why do we all need to add Copper in our diet?

Copper is essential for the body to enhance body function. This nutrient supports the immune system and promotes energy production in the body. Copper helps in the formation of red blood cells for improving brain health. You all can get this in numerous foods, such as a wide range of fruits, vegetables and meat. The right amount of Copper is optimal for health, and here in this blog, we will share foods that are high in Copper and let’s discuss some of its benefits as well.

Foods that are rich in Copper


Oysters are saltwater shellfish that are a highly nutritious and exceptional amount of Copper. You would get numerous oysters, such as eastern oysters containing 4,800 micrograms of Copper in every serving. These shellfish are best for a healthy heart and lower down the risk of diabetes as well. Avoid consuming raw oysters because it consumes infections in humans.


You might have heard about muscular shellfish which are very expensive but include a rich amount of Copper and contain protein, vitamin B12, zinc, and selenium. Lobsters are low in saturated fat but high in cholesterol. They have a maximum of 2.8 mg of Copper per servings.

Seeds and nuts

There are so many varieties available of seeds and nuts rich in Copper. Sesame seeds are high in fiber, fats and protein. Per cup contains 6 mg of Copper either you take roasted or raw. Cashew nuts contain 0.6 mg of Copper per ounce and soak them overnight to use in dairy free spreads, cheeses and dips. Similarly almonds have a huge amount of Copper. You people can use dry and roasted almonds but make sure without salt. Almonds contain 1.6 mg of Copper per serving.

Dark chocolate

You all love dark chocolate, but many of you may have noticed that dark chocolate is packed with nutrients, oxidants, and fiber. It is best to lower down the blood pressure levels and improve cardiovascular health. Dark chocolate reduces cholesterol levels because it is high in calories, so always use this in moderation. One bar of chocolate contains a maximum 1.8 mg of Copper.


Apart from everything, beans are also an excellent source of Copper, especially chickpeas containing 0.4 mg of Copper per cup. Boiled soybeans are rich in Copper and contain 0.2-0.3 mg of Copper in every cup.


Medium sized potato contains 0.34 mg of Copper. Try to cook potatoes with skins because it has the maximum amount of Copper. Sweet potatoes contain 0.13 mg of Copper in one medium-sized sweet potato.

Beef liver

Beef liver is the richest dietary source of Copper, and other than the calf and chicken livers are also a good source of Copper. It provides other nutrients such as folate, iron, vitamin A and vitamin B12. As per various searches, per slice of organ meat contains 10 mg of Copper.


It’s a kind of whole grain that has numerous health benefits. This is the best alternative to Rice and a good source of Copper in your daily diet. Get 0.4 mg of Copper in a cup of cooked quinoa.

Benefits of Copper in diet

Improve brain health

Apart from the overall body-brain has the maximum amount of Copper in the body. Copper deficiency imbalances the brain functions and affects growth that may lead to incomplete brain and nerve development. Low amounts of copper increase Alzheimer’s disease. People who are drug-addicted, either taking inpatient treatment or outpatient, are also recommended to take a sufficient amount of Copper because they have imbalance issues with the high intake of drugs.

Support metabolism

Copper helps to improve metabolism with a breakdown of fat cells. It maintains body weight and energy levels. Body’s cells need Copper for enhancing metabolic activities. Increase its intake to improve health.

Good for the immune system

People who have low immune system issues should pay attention to Copper and zinc because these are both effective minerals for immune health. Insufficient quantities of minerals increase bacterial infections and decrease the immune cells. Increase the copper intake for a healthy immune system to fight against several infections in the body.

Improves skin health

Copper protects your skin against radical damage and improves skin health. It is best for reducing the appearance of wrinkles and age spots also enhance wound healing. Copper promotes collagen production in the body and boosts skin elasticity.

Anti-inflammatory properties

It’s imperative to maintain the copper levels in the body to prevent arthritis, and with the anti-inflammatory properties, it does help so. This is the main reason people wearing copper gloves, bracelets and other accessories made of Copper. This remedy is very effective to reduce arthritis symptoms as per various searches.

Best for collagen product

Although Copper has antioxidants properties as well as prevents aging issues as well. Copper helps to replace damaged connective tissues, and collagen needs to hold the bone together as well. Insufficient amount of collagen causes joint dysfunction and breakdown of connective tissues.

How about copper supplements?

There is no harm for anyone to consume copper supplements in the body, but the best way is to consume Copper through food sources because it reduces imbalances and toxicity. Ask your doctor for the copper supplements because they would suggest what amount is suitable for you and what shouldn’t be exceeded.

Possible side effects of copper deficiency

If you are taking the copper supplement and the other medications, it reduces the levels or increases the level of imbalances, so make sure don’t take the supplements without doctors’ recommendation. You would probably face the side effects of interactions:

  • hormone therapies and birth control pills
  • Zinc supplements
  • Gastric ulcers and reflux diseases
  • Anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen

These are the few tips and tricks for including Copper in your diet, so if you all haven’t added this to your diet, then give it a must-try. You will get a sufficient amount of Copper through diet and if you are unable to get the proper amount, then ask the doctor they would have some supplements to get it treated.

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