Why Goggles Became A Popular Item At Raves

The rave culture has been growing for years, but it’s only recently that goggles have become a popular item at raves. While they started as a fashion statement, those kaleidoscope goggles are now used to shield eyes from lasers—and they’re still considered hipster eyewear. Here’s how these goggles came about and why they gained popularity at parties:

They started as a fashion statement

You might be wondering how goggles became a popular item at raves. Well, it all started with their early days as a fashion statement. In the 80’s and 90’s, goggle were seen as an accessory for the first few years of their existence. They were used to make a statement of individuality; they allowed people to express themselves in ways that weren’t possible with other items of clothing or accessories.

Goggles also became popular because they were an anti-conformist statement—wearing them meant you were rejecting societal norms and declaring yourself free from these expectations. And finally, goggles often signified rebellion—a rejection of authority (or just some fun drug use).

What are kaleidoscope goggles?

You may have heard of steampunk kaleidoscopic goggles or even worn them before. These are a type of goggle that has lenses that create a kaleidoscope effect. They can be made from plastic, glass or mirrors and they’re usually worn at raves.

You can make your own kaleidoscope goggles at home by following these simple steps:

  • Go to the store and buy two identical pairs of cheap plastic sunglasses (you will need only one pair).

They shielded eyes from lasers

It’s important to remember that the first rave was held in UK, which has some of the strictest noise control laws in Europe. The late 80s and early 90s saw a lot of crackdowns on parties due to complaints from neighbors about loud music and crowds. In response, ravers started using goggles as a way to block noise while still enjoying the experience of raves without fear of police raids or fines.

The use of goggles became popular because it enabled people to attend raves without having their fun ruined by rules enforcing sound levels or time limits. Before long, however, it became common knowledge that other factors were also involved in preventing auditory damage during such events. One such factor was simply keeping your ears covered with earplugs—a better alternative than nothing at all! Another factor was wearing protective eye gear like goggles; this kept lasers from damaging eyesight due to overstimulation from strobe lights and other visual effects used during DJ sets (which might otherwise cause temporary blindness).

They are now popular at raves

Steampunk goggles are a great way to express yourself at raves, especially if you are feeling like a unicorn. They also make you stand out and are a good way of showing your personality.

Goggles were very popular in the rave scene at the time because they allowed people to show their values, political beliefs and personality while they danced and partied.

Many ravers would wear goggles that had different colors or patterns on them; others would wear ones with different shapes or designs on them; others still wore normal looking goggles except when they took them off in order to look around more easily in order to see where all their friends were dancing!

They are considered hipster eyewear

In case you’re not aware, a hipster is a young person who follows counter-culture movements and has a sense of style that is different from mainstream culture. They are typically associated with indie rock, art, and fashion.

Goggles fit the bill for these people because they’re out of the mainstream; they’re also cool because they can be worn as an accessory.

How To Make Your Own Goggles

If you’re ready to make your own rave goggles, here’s how:

  • Trace around the template onto cardboard or plastic using a pen or marker. Make sure that all three eyeholes are traced so you can see through them! If you don’t have access to cardboard or plastic, try tracing onto craft foam instead—but be careful not to let glue stick on either side of it because then your lenses won’t fit right later on!
  • Cut out each tracing with a pair of scissors; then smooth out any rough edges by rubbing them gently with sandpaper until they feel completely smooth against touch (this step is optional but recommended). When all edges are sanded down properly then move onto step four below…


In conclusion, the popularity of goggles in rave culture is something that has been developing for years. The first generation of ravers used them to shield their eyes from the bright lights and lasers that were becoming a staple at dance parties. Nowadays, many people wear them as an accessory or even just as an expression of their style. Whatever they’re used for now, these rave glasses still have their roots in the past when they were created as a fashion statement – so if you’re looking for some new headgear to make your look more complete? We’d suggest checking out yield to the people!

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