Why Has Been Nike SO Popular in the Fashion Industry?

Nike is the world’s most popular athletic shoe brand, with a market share of 48% in the United States and 31% around the world. As a result, athletic shoe stores are more likely than not to put that brand in the front of the store. Supply and demand are easy to figure out, working well together.

However, how did Nike become the best-selling shoe globally, and how has the company kept that way for so long?

Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman started Nike in 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports. In 1985, the company changed its name to Nike, and now it sells everything from shoes to clothes. In college, Bowerman helped Knight run. Everyone on Bowerman’s squad had to have running shoes that worked better for them.He did not start making money until he teamed up with Knight and started importing shoes from Japan. When they came up with the “waffle” pattern for their own lighter training shoe in 1971, it wasn’t until then that they came up with it.Nike, the Greek goddess of victory, was the inspiration for the company’s name, which it changed in 1978.There were a lot of sports shoes available at the time, but Nike stood out from the rest. Nike’s sneakers are a top trending fashion these days.

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Nike took advantage of the rise in popularity of running and jogging as a recreational activity in the 1970s by making shoes made for the sport.

So, they also started using athletes to show off their shoes, which they did first. He signed a $5,000 deal with them in 1974. Nike’s athletic brand was made stronger because of his cocky attitude and a huge success.Other well-known sportsmen and women wore his shoes in the 1980s, like Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning. Serena Williams also wore them.

A pair of basketball cleats made by Nike that use Air Max technology.

When Michael Jordan started working with Spike Lee on Nike ads and Nike sneakers, the brand started to get more attention in the entertainment world. Hip-hop and rap music made fun of Nike shoes. Nelly’s “Air Force One,” which came out in 1982, was the first.Nike worked with rapper Kanye West for the first time in 2007. Kanye has now moved on to work with Adidas, so

Nike has a lot of different ways to market itself. They work with individual athletes and entertainers, but they also work with teams and events. CNN says that Nike is the only company that spends as much money on sports sponsorships as any other company.When Nike does things like this, you are more likely to think that wearing their shoes would help you live a happier, healthier life. The first thing you learn in marketing class is that you should make people feel good, and Nike’s ad works.

People can now buy Nike shoes for a wide range of sports and activities, from baseball and basketball to cheerleading and cycling to golf, lacrosse, running, softball, and tennis, as well as for many other things. It doesn’t stop there: Nike also makes shoes for sports, like volleyball and yoga.It doesn’t matter what kind of sport you do. Nike wants you to choose from their goods, no matter what.


Because Nike is competing with other brands, the company is always looking for new inventions and technology to help athletes do better. To get the best out of Nike Air shoes, you need to use knits and other lightweight fabrics, foam cushioning, and more substantial support.

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