Why is Hiring an Independent Caregiver the Best Option?

Many adults opt for hiring an independent caregiver so that the ill person or the senior in the family can be looked after properly. On the other hand, many people opt for agencies through which they can hire a personal caregiver. Both have their own pros and cons and it majorly depends on the personal needs of the patient as well as the family members whether they want to hire through personal care services Valley Forge or an independent caregiver. Let’s discuss the benefits of hiring an independent one:

Availability of the caregiver 

The biggest advantage of hiring an independent caregiver is that he or she may be available at the time when you need it the most. While agencies may have through own rules and regulations to follow, an independent caregiver can have flexible working hours. This may be the right option if you work in shifts and your timing keeps changing. You can inform him when you need his services and he will come to offer a helping hand.


Another advantage of hiring an independent caregiver is that these professionals can negotiate their hourly rates. On the contrary, agencies may not cut down their rates because they have other expenses to look after such as payroll, transportation and office maintenance. An independent caregiver can reduce the rate that fits your budget.

Personalized services

While companies or agencies may have a set of rules to follow, an independent caregiver can offer personalized services to the senior. This way, the patient will feel more relaxed and cared for. In many cases, the agency-based caregiver is not allowed to offer services outside the contract. However, an independent caregiver can be asked for other services as well and you might offer him more pay in return for these services. You will feel stress-free because you know that he will look after your patient as per your requirements.

Easy to fire 

If you hire a caregiver through an agency, you might need to inform the agency first if he is not working fine. It will waste a lot of your time and effort. Things may get more complicated if you need a replacement on an urgent basis. On the contrary, you can fire an independent caregiver at any time if you are not satisfied with his services. 

There are several ways to hire an independent caregiver such as a reference from your relatives or friends. Alternatively, you can browse the internet. 

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