Why It Is So Important To Have an Office Background Ready

With the increase in workers moving to virtual environments, video conferencing has become more and more vital. You probably have virtual meetings, companies and industries hold virtual conferences and more people are video chatting with family and friends. However, not everyone is prepared for this transition. One of the first things you need is a great background, such as one of the free Zoom Office backgrounds, and these are reasons why this is so important.

Impromptu interview Opportunity

Did you know that many companies are conducting virtual interviews today? It may be your first interview for an in-person job or your only interview for a virtual job, but you should expect to have virtual interviews. However, when a company requests an interview with you, you don’t have days or weeks to set up your video call background.

Your interviewer may see your background as a reflection of you. If it is messy and disorganized or has lots of distractions, they may see you as disorganized and distracted. A clean, minimalist background suggests that you are ready to work and will focus on your job. A customized background suggests that you care about others’ perceptions of you and your work.

You don’t want to get caught unprepared for important interviews, so you should have an office background ready to go.

Last-Minute Sales Call

If your job involves sales at all, you will likely have sales calls via video conference. Fortunately, you can often plan these calls, but sometimes, you find a big fish with a limited window of time to meet with you. You may have to jump on a Zoom call in 10 minutes. This does not give you enough time to create an attractive background.

Your office background should promote what you are selling. You may have product samples that you need to show, but they shouldn’t be in the camera shot all the time because they can be distracting. You may have charts and other infographics to share, but you can’t leave them up in the background until you need them.

To Promote Brand Identity

Consistency is key when you try to promote brand identity and trust. A custom Zoom background that remains the same for every call with potential customers, employees or other stakeholders helps them recognize your brand. They can then equate your call consistency with product and service consistency, encouraging trust and loyalty.

Every time these individuals see your logo or a reflection of your video call, they will remember you and your company. It’s a great marketing tool to have a consistent background.

To Prevent Distractions

On a video call, it is easy to get distracted. You aren’t not typically in a room with other people, and if you aren’t the one speaking, your mind and eyes can start wandering. The same is true for those who attend your video conferences. However, you can somewhat prevent them from becoming distracted by creating the right background.

Although your attendees can be distracted by what is in their rooms, they will no longer be distracted by what is in yours. This helps them remain attentive and get the information they need from you.

If you need help creating a great background, check out the Zoom backgrounds free or choose options that you can customize.

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