Why sell on the AWS marketplace?

AWS Marketplace is the best place for software firms to market and sell their products out to AWS account holders. In this article, we will look at some key points and understand what is AWS marketplace and why you must consider selling your product on AWS Marketplace. Without wasting any time, let us check out in complete detail:

What’s AWS Marketplace?

Amazon Web Service is the extension of AWS Cloud and it is the digital storefront, which customers may buy, find, deploy, as well as manage the 3rd party software, services, and data that the customers want to build their solutions as well as run their online businesses.

The primary success of the AWS Marketplace seller will go in hand with the success of the AWS Marketplace as a whole hence AWS dedicates plenty of resources to it. Sellers are called Independent Software Vendors or ISVs and have the entire cast of the players that are assigned in helping with the different requirements of the customers.

How Does AWS Marketplace work?

Amazon Web Service can be separated into different services, and each one will be configured in many different ways that are based on the user’s requirements. Users must see the configuration choices as well as server maps for the AWS solution.

Over 100 services comprise that AWS portfolio, which includes databases, compute, application development, infrastructure management, as well as security. All these services, by their category, comprised of:

  • Storage databases
  • Compute
  • Migration
  • Data management
  • Networking
  • Hybrid cloud
  • Management
  • Development tools
  • Security
  • Monitoring
  • Big data management
  • Governance
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Analytics
  • Messages & notification
  • Mobile development

Many benefits will come with the listing on as well as selling over AWS Marketplace, which includes the end-customer ease, bigger and faster deal opportunities, as well as co-selling advantages from the AWS marketplace. The key advantage of the Marketplace is its end-customer experience and with the AWS Marketplace, the buyers will get the simplified billing for their software purchases at one place on the AWS bill rather than several direct bills to the ISVs. Let us check out some main points:

  • Flexible Costing Options: Several products that are sold as the AMIs over AWS Marketplace are billed either on an hourly basis or monthly basis and allows various software vendors to totally avoid any need of developing the software deployment solution as well as billing the infrastructure. When we select this monthly billing for the Cloud Protection Manager, most of the products, like Big Data apps that create the computational workloads, mainly prefer the hourly-based costing. In such cases, the customers will be charged as per the type & number of the instances that are used.
  • Free Trial Firms: By leveraging an hourly-based costing will provide some of the built-in trials to the customers via AWS Marketplace rather than developing their infrastructure for the trials. When this free trial time expires, the customers will be seamlessly transitioned to its paid version.
  • Annual Subscriptions: An annual subscription payment is a new option that is offered by the AWS Marketplace for the products that are sold on an hourly basis. The annual subscription will be automatic, trouble-free and allows various companies to provide great discounts to the long-term customers when getting higher revenue upfront.

AWS Costing Models & Competition

Amazon Web Services provides the best pay model for their cloud services, on a per-hour and per-second basis. Also, there is the option of reserving the set amount of the compute capacity at the discounted rate for the customers who can prepay in whole, and sign up for 1 and 3 years of usage commitments.

Suppose the potential customers cannot afford these costs, AWS Free Tier will be the next possible avenue of using the AWS solutions. The AWS Free Tier enables the users to get the first-hand experience of AWS services free, and they may access over 60 products & start building on their AWS platform. The Free Tier will be offered in 3 different options: free, 12 months & trials.

All the data centres & data contained are totally safe from intrusions, hence with Amazon’s experience in the cloud services, potential attacks and outages will be identified quickly and remedied, 24 hours a day. We cannot say it for the small firm whose computing gets handled by one single IT person working from the big large office.

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