Will I always win money from a slot game bonus round?

Every well-seasoned high rolling igamer, such as yourself, will know that online slot games are nothing without their jackpots and bonuses. The bonuses in free online casino bonus no deposit slot games are what boost one’s igaming experience from average to exceptional.

Although they do not come around as often as we would like, seeing those five cherries all thinned up in the row and the promise of a lovely bonus is enough information we need to jump up in the air in the hope that we are just about to win a heap of money!

But, what we really want to know about online slot games and their bonus rounds is will they always make you win money every time, or are they faulted in that it is not always that they payout. Fortunately for you eager beavers, we have all the answers to your queries.

What are online slot game bonuses and what exactly do they do?

The small fry reading this, who are eager to be partying with the big fish, may be wondering what on Earth slot game bonuses are because surely they cannot be that important? Just for you, we have all the answers and after reading this you will be well on your way to becoming a high roller.

So, for you, we have the unequivocal guide on the top three most popular online slot bonuses:

  1.     Extra spins – If you have been a loyal customer to your online casino site, or have signed up for a welcome package before, then you will know all about free spins. The house might give you a little free spins bonus which means exactly what it sounds like!
  2.     Multipliers – There is no ambiguity regarding what multiplier bonuses could mean for you. They simply times whatever you have in your pot to more and more. This is surely where the real money is made.
  3.     Games – The classic casino slots will generally not have little arcade games to go with them, but, if you are playing a themed slot from one of the top developers then you might be lucky enough to use your teenage skills and try to win at these little side games that they have planned for you. Arcade games do not mean that you will instantly win money from this bonus, but if you are lucky enough, then maybe you will!

So, does the slots bonus automatically mean that you will win money?

Bonuses are essentially there to make the game a little more enticing and exciting, so, if you are playing them, you are indeed in for a chance of winning extra cash but playing the bonuses does not necessarily correlate to winning money… and here is why!

  •       If you are not successful in the bonus rounds then there is no money to be won
  •       Free spins do not immediately indicate more money because the odds remain the same
  •       If you are lucky enough to get a multiplier bonus, you still have to spin correctly and you may still not win money on that bonus round

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