Winner Stories: As a war veteran, he twice won millions of dollars in casinos

Elmer Shanver is a World War II veteran who made his fortune in old age through casinos. He twice broke the jackpot in the same slot machine with a difference of 16 years. In total, he won more than $ 25 million.

Here are stories of the most interesting and biggest winnings in history. Play in slots online real money Australia. Elmer Shanver became a millionaire at the age of 75.

The first jackpot

Elmer Shanver has always been a lover of excitement. He started attending casinos as soon as he reached the age required. The man often played for fun, and won small sums – a maximum of several hundred dollars.

Shortly after Elmer left the Army and retired, he and his wife traveled the United States in their mobile home. One day they stopped in Las Vegas to stay with relatives. That was in 1989.

The avid player did not want to lose the opportunity to play in the best casinos in the country, so he set aside $ 100 a week and went to try his luck. Once the couple decided to visit the grand opening of the Mirage Hotel and Casino. That evening, Elmer spent the allowed amount, but decided to play again and asked his wife for another $ 20. It was this money that brought him his first jackpot – 4.6 million dollars (128 million hryvnias at the current exchange rate).

Elmer Shanver spent almost all of the money won on travel. He wanted to travel the world all his life, but, unfortunately, he did not have the financial means to do so.

The big win inspired the man, and he was determined not to stop there, and be sure to break the jackpot at least again.

The second win

Elmer’s dream of repeating his success came true 16 years later. In 2005, the 91-year-old was back in Las Vegas and visited the Cannery Casino. All these years he played on the same machine that brought him the first millions – Megabucks, regularly receiving small sums. But that day, fortune smiled on him again, and he broke the jackpot for the second time – 21 million dollars.

This time he managed the funds differently. He donated much of the money to Hurricane Katrina, and Elmer spent the rest of the money on his family.

The probability of winning the jackpot in Megabucks is 1 in 10 million cases. Given that Elmer Shenweru did it twice, he can be called a real lucky man. By the way, he became the first and so far the only person who succeeded.

After his second jackpot, the man said he would try to win a large sum for the third time, but this wish did not come true. In 2007, the veteran died, leaving his children a great legacy.

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