10 Businesses to Help You Kickstart Your Business Venture

Starting a new business requires a lot of preparation and you need to arrange capital for almost everything you need. However, while some people may have the resources to do it themselves, many rely on loans to get things running. If you are looking to start a new venture and want to know who can help with your small business in terms of financing, then this list of 10 businesses is for you.

1. SBA and Bank Loans

SBA Loans are the same as bank loans but with a bit more focus on facilitating small business ventures. The guarantee on loan comes from Small Business Administration (SBA) which gives the bank more confidence about lending you the money at reasonable rates.

2. Credit Cards

This is perhaps the easiest and the most flexible financing option for your business, as you do not need to go through any process to get the money. However, the rates on card payments are brutal, so only opt for this if you can assure timely payments.

3. Business Line of Credit

Just like credits that you get using home equity, this one provides you access to some funds that you only use when you need to. With repayment and interest, the fund slowly diminishes over time as you pay back the amount you took out.

4. Equipment Financing

For many businesses, the only significant expense they have is the equipment they need. That is what this is for and it is effortless to get since the lending companies use the equipment itself as collateral, thereby ensuring that their money is returned.

5. Merchant Cash Advance

This method is also an incredibly fast source of generating funds as companies providing these give you a lump sum and get it back in installments which can be daily, weekly, or monthly. The only thing you need to get this is a good cash flow.

6. Invoice Factoring

Companies providing this service basically buy all your invoices from you that you would otherwise clear in 2-3 months. They give you about 80-90% of the value upfront and then once the payments have been collected from your debtors, they give you the rest after deducting a service fee. At Leonid finance, we are experts on Government contract factoring who fulfill your capital needs to execute your federal, state, or municipal government contracts.

7. Invoice Financing

Companies offering this service give you almost the full amount that you are owed against your invoices and you also get to be in control of receiving payments from your customers. You only need to pay their fees when you receive the payments from customers.

8. Purchase Order Financing

This service is provided by companies to businesses who want to restock their inventory to meet future orders. You borrow money for purchasing equipment or materials with the expectation of receiving orders and then pay the money back once your revenue starts building.

9. Peer-to-Peer Loans

These are platforms where you can find individual investors who may be interested in loaning you the money for your business after reviewing your case. The platform serves as an escrow service and charges a fee for retaining the funds for you. It is a good option if you cannot find other types of loans. it is better option for you to visit this site to know about the most imporantr things called business debt consolidation.

10. Crowdfunding

Like peer-to-peer lending, this model allows people to share their innovative ideas and prototypes to people on the internet, who can then choose early access to the products through pre-orders. You set an investment target which, when met, leads to you getting the money and eventually delivering products to people who invested in your idea.


All these options can be used to kickstart your business and put things in motion. We hope that you can use this list to decide what option would suit your needs the best. Do let us know what option you ended up choosing and what led to that decision.

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