10 keys to finding the perfect room for rent

The best criteria that these young university students can follow to hit the nail on the head with their new next home and not make mistakes are the following:

  1. Close to the study center

Proximity to the study center, be it the university or some other, is usually one of the most important criteria for choosing one that makes their day-to-day life easier.  SharedEasy has many affordable housing rental options available in Brooklyn. Check out their page for more information.

In fact, the area will be almost the most relevant aspect, as well as the transport they have to get around the rest of the city. 

If the university is far from the center of the city, it may be more convenient to rent a central house as it has a better connected daily environment, with more security and more atmosphere.

  1. Park the car

The location of the apartment will greatly condition the possibility of using a car. Although normally these students do not use it because it is not in their hometown and they are somehow passing through. 

If the stay will last for years and you intend to have a car, you will have to look for an apartment with an individual garage space or in an area further away from the central areas where you can park freely.

  1. Supermarkets and shops

You don’t live to study, the rest of the establishments also matter. It is important that the house has supermarkets, stores, and other necessary businesses nearby, such as shopping centers, as well as atms located within a relatively close radius. 

If it is a house in a new neighborhood with hardly any infrastructure where you have to take the car even to buy bread, it will be quite inconvenient.

  1. The size

Although the house is central, the available space it has also mattered. For this reason, the useful meters indicated in the advertisement must be taken into account and not the meters built. 

In addition, depending on how many people it is shared with, it will be possible to calculate if the price of your room for rent is worth it, despite the fact that it has an excellent location.

  1. Expenditure on supplies

Although the apartment is very well located and has an affordable monthly rent, you have to ask if the added expenses are included in this price. These can considerably raise the monthly payment in certain months. 

Therefore, it is advisable to ask for a copy of the bills for water, heating, and winter electricity. It will be better if it has central heating.

  1. Habits of companions

Choosing who you are going to live with for months and even years is very important. Keep in mind that many times living with boys or girls is very different. 

For this reason, it is necessary to ensure a minimum of cleanliness with future colleagues, which can be taking turns with the tasks or hiring a domestic worker. 

If we live in a flat with more than three people, there will be fewer resources for more people. In addition, their lifestyle will also have an influence, because if they have different schedules it can make the day-to-day more uncomfortable, as well as if they have pets or smoke.

  1. Leisure possibilities

Like good young people, you also have to have time to have fun. Hence the inconvenience of renting a house very close to the university, but in a poorly inhabited and built-up neighborhood, where there are hardly any parks, shopping areas, or bars and entertainment areas that allow you to disconnect. Depending on the customs and hobbies of each one, the best choice can be made.

  1. Know if the apartment has spills and other debts

When buying the house for rent, it is essential to know if the payment of the added expenses is in order. If the previous tenant left debts, it will not be up to the new inhabitant to pay them. For this reason, it is recommended to request the invoices for the payments of the last months. 

Likewise, it is also convenient to know if the house has spills since it will be necessary to contribute extraordinary quotas so that the community has funds with which to pay specific expenses. 

Although it is up to the owner to pay them, it is true that in some contracts it can be expressly agreed that the tenant will take care of them.

  1. How appliances work

The fridge, the dishwasher, or the taps may look great from the outside, but you have to make sure that when you move in they work properly. 

Perhaps the previous tenant leaves the apartment because the pipes of that old house always gave him problems or when using the shower head a fine trickle of water came out with hardly any pressure. 

When that doesn’t happen and the microwave and oven work perfectly, you will be renting the right apartment.

  1. Noises and neighbors

This point, although it is pointed out last, is no less relevant. Living in a house where the walls are like ‘paper’ and absolutely everything can be heard or, on the contrary, there are some neighbors with quite ‘particular’ customs who do not stop throwing parties, yelling, hitting or other annoying actions can be decisive to achieve a good coexistence. 

And there is not only the problem of the neighborhood but also the noise that is heard from outside. To check what it will be like, it is good to visit the flat on a daily and weekend basis, as well as during the day and at night. Do not let them tell you and check it out with your own eyes.

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