12 sought-after poker tools and apps for 2022

There are many great poker tools and software out there. But how to make the right choice to get more opportunities? Many people are looking for programs that will ideally satisfy all their requirements. But among dozens of such software, it is difficult to choose casino developers who offer proven and legal features. Experts have chosen the top 12 tools and software that have become relevant in 2022. Some of them are paid, others are free, but you can try the trial version:

  1. Holdem Manager 3. Learn the behavior of your opponents, change the rules of the game if you play for a long time. Of course, you will have to spend a few dollars but there is a trial version.
  2. POKERSNOWIE. This is a unique software that is used even by experienced poker players. Artificial intelligence works here, which analyzes your bets, moves and other actions in the gameplay. The cool thing is the AI’s ability to correct your mistakes, advise where to change steps.
  3. Poker Tracker 4. Take some time to make the necessary settings and get game statistics (a good advantage against your opponent).
  4. Simple GTO trainer. You will find packages with pre-calculated strategies for different situations and games. Playing ranges, bet frequencies and other statistics will help you win. Analyze player behavior to understand their moves.
  5. Advanced Poker HUD. If during the game the software sees an error, you will receive a pop-up window. This is a good tutorial to play and see which steps were wrong. It is one of the most in-demand poker software on the market because it helps you learn how to exploit your opponents quickly and effectively.
  6. Vision GTO Trainer. Practice with examples to play better. Find out why your steps did not lead to victory, study your mistakes. Get answers to any questions because it is a powerful engine with pre-calculated solutions for various situations.
  7. Notecaddy Edge 3.0. Your potential will be revealed faster and you will learn to bypass your opponents and get the best result – victory and gain.
  8. ICMIZER. The software analyzes your decisions in the gameplay and helps you correct mistakes. A very simple and understandable program that helps with accurate calculations.
  9. PIO solver. Pretty powerful poker software with a lot of features but you have to rent a separate server. Users learn how to use this program but are satisfied with its features.
  10. Non-stop poker. A powerful and improved poker tool to improve your knowledge and have an advantage in the gameplay. Study and analyze your actions, correct mistakes and win with NonStop Poker software.
  11. Table Ninja. This is a convenient and simple poker tool to improve your skills in the gaming world. Make hotkeys to save game time.
  12. Star Helper. Convenient for playing at multiple limits. The main advantage of such a tool is the ability to convert all values on the table into the number of big blinds.

Play and win! Cool apps and programs are available to you with amazing features. Such tools will help improve your moves, game thinking, strategies to get the winnings you want.

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