1375A Angle Bosch Grinder (4-1/2 In) 

The uses of 1375A Angle Bosch Grinder (4-1/2 In) 

The Bosch grinder was made for the concrete contractors to help in concrete restoration. It was also designed for metal works where metals need to be fabricated. 1375A Angle Bosch plays a huge role in piping to ensure the pipes are well fitted. Any other professional who needs services of a compact grinder, this tool is the best choice to go for.

1375A Angle Bosch Grinder (4-1/2 In) figure.

) Flange

  • (1) Outer (Round Nut) Flange

(1) Spanner Wrench

1375A Angle Bosch Grinder (4-1/2 In) features

Its features include: Wheel Guard for grinding, Inner Flange for clamping, spanner wrench, Auxiliary Handle, Grinding Wheel (Abrasive) 4-1/2, and Outer Flange (Round Nut). It has 6 Amp motor producing 11000 RPM (no-load). It uses Service Minderbrushes during maintenance.It has lock-on switch(side), a 2 position side handle and weight of 3.75 Lbs.

IINCLUD(1) Inner (Clamping

The benefits of 1375A Angle Bosch Grinder (4-1/2 In)

It has a Powerful motor of 6.0 Ampwhich delivers a no-load RPM of 11000 for cutting that is professional and for grinding applications. The presence of Epoxy-coated windings (field) ensures protections of the machine against the abrasive dusts. The lock-on switch (slide) on the machine ensures comfort for other use applications termed as extended.

The machine has a two-position handle (side)which when angled towards natural positions, it will provide comfort for maximum operations. The MinderBrush System eliminates assumptions, and helps during maintenance (preventive). It is compact and light in weight. It has a spindle (Versatile 5/8- 11) with various sizes. Its protection guard (Burst) is for security.

The E- Repair Network for 1375A Angle Bosch Grinder (4-1/2 In)

Bosch E- repair provides a faster technique to submit information for your tool and customize the repair request. The steps include: Filling the form for E-Repair, print the form out, print your FedEx(prepaid) shipping label then pin to box, if approved, the tool(repaired) will be freely shipped. Otherwise, the flight payments will be fully covered by the machine owner.

Safety measures for 1375A Angle Bosch Grinder (4-1/2 In) usage

Working areashould be well lit and clean to avoid accidentsoccurrences. Explosive atmospheres are very dangerous hence should be avoided while using grinder machine. While operating the power tool, children should be kept away to avoid loss of control. Contact(body) with grounded services should be avoided, and power plugs have to match outlets.

Avoid using cord to pull, unplug orcarry power tools. Ensure it is away from sharp edges, oil or heat to reduce instances of shock(electric). Use the power tool when sober to reduce risks of self-injury. Wear protective equipment while using the tool. Before connecting to power source/battery, ensure switches are in off mode to prevent accidents.

The user of the Bosch grinder should not wear lose clothingto avoid being caught by the moving parts of the machine.Use correct power tools for your applications to ensure that the job is done better with the designed rate. The tool must be controlled from the switch.It is important to look for misalignment of parts to ensure proper operations of the machine.

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