All you need to know abouts checking your car tires

The life of car tires certainly depends on their maintenance. The tires, in fact, should be checked at least every fortnight and it is mandatory to go to the tire dealer when you are about to face a long journey.

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When and how much to check Car tires

Before setting off, it is important to check that the spare wheel is in the car. However, there are also other factors that a conscientious motorist needs to check before driving. First, it is important to understand the wear and tear of the tread. The law, in this regard, is clear, a maximum depth of 1.6 mm is allowed on cars, a maximum of 1 mm on motorcycles and a maximum of 0.5 on mopeds.

Among the other factors that a motorist must take into consideration before setting off on a journey, there is also the mere aesthetic aspect of the car’s tires. A tire that, on sight, presents cuts, deformations or cracks of various kinds, is certainly a tire to be checked or even replaced. In all cases, before setting off, it is advisable to visit an expert tire dealer to assess the state of health of the car’s tires.

Indeed, even the simple replacement of a tire requires special skills that only a professional dealer possesses. Some brands, in fact, provide specific indications on the tires to be replaced and also indicate the ways in which this replacement must be carried out.

All dealers, in this sense, operate in full compliance with the laws in force on the subject and in order to carry out their work they are required to own all the machinery as well as the equipment necessary to mount, replace and check car tires. Not everyone, in fact, is aware of the fact that the replacement or repair of tires must be carried out by people specialized in this sector and not by final consumers or other subjects who do not have the technical professionalism necessary to guarantee maximum safety for the motorist.

Mandatory rules and markings of Car Tires

Furthermore, all tires must have a specific marking that certifies their homologation. This marking, which may be missing on tires mounted on vintage cars or racing cars, certifies that the tires are officially recognized by the Authority which certifies their characteristics in compliance with the relevant regulations.

Fitting tires that do not have the homologation marking on cars can be dangerous for the driver and for others and, moreover, exposes the motorist to the risk of incurring penalties and fines that are often very high. Not only.

If the driver of the car on which non-approved tires are fined becomes the victim of a road accident, the insurance company may – by law – be required not to compensate for the accident, precisely because it is also potentially caused by the installation of non-compliant tires.

What do you need to know about tire balancing?

What’s this?

It is normal that, when tires are fitted, the weight distribution of the entire rubber + wheel + valve assembly is not evenly distributed around the assembly. This “complex” is not balanced when it has a heavier or lighter point than everything else. This can cause wobbling and wobbling of the wheels and steering wheel, which can reduce tire mileage, increase vibration and place excessive strain on vehicle components.

The balancing of the whole “complex” has the purpose of compensating for the difference in weight distribution inside it. For this, the specialist will add counter-balancing masses where necessary.

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