3 Things to Think About When Shopping for a Heavy-Duty Plastic Dog Bed 

Buying beds for your dogs is not as easy as counting from one to three. As much as you are meticulous about finding the best mattress for yourself, it would be best if you also did the same when shopping for beds for your dogs.

Unlike humans, who only need to sleep for an average of 8 hours a day, dogs need to rest for 12-14 hours a day (American Kennel Club, 2020). So, it’s essential to consider many things before buying a dog bed.

Before shopping for a heavy-duty plastic dog bed, there are three things to consider:

1. Can a heavy-duty plastic dog bed support my dog?

There are a lot of materials used to make dog beds, including foam and polyester fill. There is a greater variety of firmness and support with solid memory-foam mattresses.

Polyester-filled beds are softer and spongier, but they may still accommodate smaller and lighter dogs if the material is appropriately packed. As long as your canine companion is in good health, sleeping on a high-quality polyfill, poly fiberfill, or foam-filled bed should have no problem.

When shopping for a dog bed, look for something strong enough to support your dog’s spine and joints while soft enough to lull your pet to sleep soundly. Like Rottweilers and Great Danes, who weigh a lot, they will require beds with extra-dense foam to protect them from sinking to the floor. But for dogs who lack the natural cushioning of fat thighs and buttocks, a softer foam or polyester fill is a need.

Even if you’ve never touched a finger on it, terms like “orthopedic” and “overstuffed” might help you narrow your search.

When a dog is older or has a chronic disease, it may need the support that an orthopedic bed can give. Orthopedic dog beds are recommended for dogs with rheumatic joints and those healing from serious injuries. Because the high-density foam used in these mattresses is very comfortable, alleviates joint discomfort, and gives excellent support.

2. Is a heavy-duty plastic dog bed durable?

Dogs’ destructive chewing instincts might lead them to ruin their beds and the items around them. In puppies, it may be a way to alleviate the discomfort of teething. Older dogs may do it to maintain their jaws strong and clean their teeth. It also may happen that your dog is simply cranky, hungry, or stressed out.

In terms of bedding, though, chewing might be a problem. A piece they chew and swallow may get caught in their stomach or intestines and be very harmful. If your puppy has this nasty habit or is a chewer, you have to get the most durable dog bed, which can be a hard plastic dog bed. A perfect example of this is a heavy-duty plastic dog bed from Hiddin.

Hiddin’s Clear Rectangular Lucite Dog Bed. Source.

Remember to consider the ease of cleaning, too. Your dog’s bed will undeniably need it sooner or later, especially if your dog is furry. Heavy-duty plastic dog beds are the best for this, as it simply needs a soft and damp cloth, water, and gentle soap. Also, it needs to be durable to endure the cleaning over time.

Jessica Gore, a Los Angeles-based licensed professional animal behaviorist, emphasizes the importance of durability. Dogs’ beds may wear and tear because of plopping, circling, digging, and clawing. So, ensure that you are purchasing a quality one.

Look for robust materials like deep memory foam, metal, or plastic structures. Also, look for cover fabrics that aren’t readily snagged, ripped, or stained to ensure that your furniture will endure your dog’s behavior.

Find a bed with a water-resistant cover for puppies and senior dogs prone to accidents to protect the inside bedding from stains and smells.

According to Rover, a waterproof bed operates in one of two ways. The first way is when the bed will have a waterproof liner. This will aid in preventing liquids such as urine from seeping into the bed’s filling.

The second way is when the bed will not have a waterproof lining. In other words, there will be no leaking from the bed, which will harm the flooring underneath it if it is built with a water-resistant foundation.

3. Consider materials before buying a heavy-duty plastic dog bed.

When purchasing a mattress for yourself, the material is one of the most important considerations. You will also want to ponder the material you choose.

Watching your dog is the most excellent way to get a good idea of what material to use for your dog’s bed. Observe their behavior. You can keep an eye on your dogs from afar if you get them a transparent bed so that you can monitor them as they sleep or rest.

Your dog’s bed must also be comfortable and convenient for them. The clear rectangular Lucite dog bed has been thoughtfully crafted with high-quality Lucite. Hiddin’s clear acrylic pet bed has smooth grips on either side, unlike any other clear acrylic pet bed.

Laser-polished edges and rounded corners give this transparent pet bed a luxurious look and feel. It is elevated with a big aperture for convenient storage and provides the bed with a floating appearance.

Many are unlike this heavy-duty bed that has an elevated design. If your dog is large or has a thick coat and tends to get overheated easily, this may be an excellent option, even if your dog doesn’t chew.

Also, because of the material used, which is acrylic, Hiddin’s products are waterproof dog beds. The material is good when you haven’t potty trained your dogs yet as it will be easy to clean.

Hiddin’s Clear Round Dog Bed with Donut Cushion. Source.


With the information provided in this article, it is best that you have considered several factors mentioned before deciding on what to buy for your pets. As their owner, you know them very well both in terms of their needs and their behavior. Choosing a good bed for them may still be a trial and error process at first specially if both of you are adjusting. But once you get to see their pattern, it will be easy identifying which one is best for them.

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