4 Benefits of sticker marketing for your startup

Have you heard about using stickers for marketing, but are not sure if it would fit your business? Maybe you like the idea, but just cannot imagine how sticky pieces of paper or plastic can possibly impact your ROI positively? Or are you already sold on sticker marketing and are looking for inspiration? 

In this article, we will help you navigate the above questions and much more. We will talk you through the different ways you can make custom stickers work for your startup. You will discover how sticker marketing can help you reach new customers, generate leads and increase the chance of repeat purchases. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Then let us get straight to it. 

1. A low-cost way to brand your products 

Especially if you are just starting out, stickers can be a blessing. When bought in bulk, their cost per unit can often be as low as a few cents, making them a very low-risk investment. On top of that, stickers are incredibly versatile. To get the most out of them, we recommend opting for custom vinyl stickers like the ones you can get here. These are resistant to sunlight, water and scratches. 

This makes stickers the ideal way to brand your product packaging. Beautiful product packaging has long been an integral component of marketing. However, stickers allow you to reap the benefits of branded packaging at a fraction of the cost. Using stickers also means you can bulk buy plain boxes, jars or glasses and simply take the branding process in-house. 

2. Reach prospective customers offline 

As a business owner or marketer, you surely know all about SEO, paid ads and co. We love the possibilities of digital marketing as well, however, we do encourage you to fill additional channels with your marketing. We receive dozens of messages in the digital space which can make us less receptive to the content we are presented with. 

The offline world, on the other hand, is often overlooked or treated as a less effective way to advertise. Stickers offer an easy way for you to fill this channel at a minimal cost and with very little effort. Stickers are made to share and can easily be stuck to lamp posts, billboards, walls, phones or water bottles, with permission of course. This also means that your brand is faced with fewer competing messages and finds its way to prospective customers quicker. 

3. Use the power of gift giving 

Staying offline, we also recommend adding free stickers with every purchase or order. While this sounds like something that will actually cost you money, the advantages of handing out free stickers are massive. 

When given at the right moment, stickers are not seen as just another way to advertise. Instead, we consider them to be a gift. The giving of gifts has its firm place in marketing, but it can sometimes be difficult to ensure a positive return on investment, depending on the gifts. With stickers, you can unlock all the positive emotions of gift-giving, while sticking to your budget. 

Receiving a gift ignites a psychological reaction called the rule of reciprocity. This means that when we are given a gift, we feel the need to return the favor. In a business context, this can be a repeat purchase or the simple act of your customers actually using your sticker. Imagine the reach your brand message can have when it is used as a laptop sticker by your loyal customers. 

4. Quickly level up marketing campaigns 

It can be daunting to create a sticker marketing campaign from scratch. While we definitely recommend giving it a try, you can absolutely start small. Stickers are the perfect add-on to your existing marketing campaigns and can be used to create a more coherent brand experience for your customers. 

There are no limits to your creativity, whether it is a themed sticker pack you send out with every order, thank-you stickers with a lovely message for each customer, hidden Easter eggs for your customers to discover or seasonal product packaging. A simple die-cut label can go a long way and show your customers that you care about the little things, reassuring them that they have made the right choice in trusting you. 

Are you ready to give stickers a try and experience all these benefits first-hand? Then what are you waiting for? We would love to hear your experience, concerns or questions in the comments below. 

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