4 Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Disposable Household Items

Plastic came into this world a bit over a hundred years ago as a convenient alternative to heavier materials like glass or metal. One cannot say exactly if the inventors knew how bad the problem would become in the future. But the fact is, it is quite bad.

More and more green initiatives pop up every day. People plant entire forests to help our planet restore from all the damage humans have caused over the years. And although it’s clear as day that individual attempts won’t help the planet as much as if corporations became more sustainable, people still want to care about the future of their homes. So, in this article, we will list some eco-friendly alternatives to daily household disposables. Whether you are an essay writer or a stay-at-home mom, inviting some eco-friendly products to your home won’t hurt. You’ll be able to reduce the amount of trash you produce and possibly even find that you don’t need some products at all!


To some, it might seem strange, but there are actually a lot of people who use plastic cutlery at home. Plastic cutlery can be bad not only to the environment but also toxic to humans. Not only does it pollute water, endangers wildlife, and pollutes the air, it can also affect the user’s health. One risks developing kidney stones, hormonal imbalances, and even cancer.

So, our first tip is to use stainless steel. Get some pretty steelware, substitute all your forks, spoons, and knives with reusable ones. And get some steel straws, too. Not only are they good for the environment, but they also look cool. If you have a health condition that makes straws necessary, but steel or glass ones are too heavy, you can use paper straws. They are lightweight and fully biodegradable.


Paper has become something of the part and we all should admit it. With the invention of sensor screens and pocket-sized devices, we all can have billions of books with us at any moment in time. ‘But how do I write my essay if not on paper?’ you may ask. Well, with the Covid-19 pandemic lasting for over a year now, we all must have gotten used to doing our homework on computers. 

Writing things down is still necessary for brain development, though. And for that, you can use recycled paper. Buying new books is completely unnecessary, though. You can buy used books, or, if you want to read a book that has just come out, get an electronic or audio version. Follow the example of essay writing service this business is built entirely on writing, but all of it is done online. Meaning, no trees have been hurt in the process of making your essay.

Cleaning Items

Here’s a shocker: you don’t need to buy rags or dusting cloths. Old towels or clothes you no longer wear can be used for cleaning purposes. That will save you a whole lot of money in the long run. Besides, these rags can be washed and used till they turn to dust. While store-bought rags don’t really survive the washing machine.

You can get sustainable dish sponges that are made out of walnut, loofah, or just use linen cloths for washing dishes. Another alternative is a rubber sponge. It’s a synthetic material, which basically means it will last forever and it can be disinfected in boiling water, which will kill most of the bacteria. In the end, if it rips or becomes unusable in another way, you can recycle it.


Skincare tends to be quite wasteful, considering you repeat your routine twice a day. People tend to think that it requires disposable items in order to maintain a maximum level of hygiene. Well, with a little bit of effort, it doesn’t have to be so.

Instead of using disposable tissues to wipe your face after you wash it, consider having a small towel that you wash and heat every day to kill all the bacteria.

Makeup wipes? Forget about those. Not only are makeup wipes unrecyclable, but they also are not so good for the skin either. There are multiple face cleansers that you only need to rub between your palms and apply to the face directly. They remove makeup much better and it’s easier to control the pressure you apply to your face.

Cotton balls or pads are not so necessary either. You can swap single-use cotton pads for reusable ones made of cotton fabric if you need to apply a liquid product. And please, leave q-tips out the door. There are way better reusable alternatives that can literally last you a lifetime. Silicone q-tips won’t leave cotton strands all over your face when you touch up your makeup, and they don’t get stuck in your hair. This makes this product a total win-win.

According to NatGeo statistics, in 2018, 5.8 billion tampons were bought in the US. This means that 5.8 billion tampons ended up in a landfill that year. A menstrual cup or period underwear is a necessity if you’re trying to live a more sustainable life.

In fact, these products are much more convenient than single-use ones. A menstrual cup is much more secure than a pad or a tampon. You only need to empty it once a day, which means no paranoia, no stash in your purse, and no toxic residue in your vagina. The same goes for the underwear. And yes, you can sleep with both of these.

Wrapping Up

Sustainable living might seem hard to transition to if you decide to do it in one day. But nobody says you need to do a revision of your entire house and change your life completely. Start small. Get a set of reusable straws to make your daily water feel a little fancier. The next time you do shopping, don’t buy a plastic bag and bring one with you instead. Maybe, stop buying dusting rags and switch to natural sponges for dishes. In time, take a tour around your bathroom and see what you can change. You might switch to bamboo toothbrushes or you might start sewing your own cotton pads.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself and remember that you’re mostly doing this for yourself. Sure, minimizing your carbon footprint is good, but you’re not making a whole bunch of mess either, big corporations do.

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