4 Things That Make ROW DTLA One of Downtown LA’s Hottest Fashion Districts

The LA fashion district, previously called the garment district, is one of the premier sub-neighborhoods in Los Angeles, California. Shoppers often regard the Los Angeles fashion district as the shopper’s paradise of the West Coast because of its numerous offerings. Santee Alley, also known as Santee Street, is an alleyway with over 150 stores many consider a bargain hunters’ paradise. The district is home to some of the textile and apparel industry’s most prominent brands. In addition, select showrooms at the California Market Center also host sample sales on the last Friday of every month, offering great bargains to shoppers. These bargains make the district and Santee Alley worth visiting for first-time visitors and entire families. In addition, 12th street is a particularly popular part of the fashion district for shoppers looking to buy casual fashion items.

Whether you’re searching for comfortable shoes, women’s clothing stores in downtown, or menswear, the fashion district in downtown Los Angeles has something for everyone. 

The Los Angeles Flower District, situated between 7th and 8th street, is also home to the largest flower market in Southern California. Numerous Los Angeles streets serve the district, including Pico, Maple Avenue, Olympic Boulevard, San Julian, and San Pedro Street. 

These thoroughfares ensure smooth access to the fashion district whether you’re coming from Broadway, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, or elsewhere.

We recommend taking a walking tour of the district because you don’t want to miss out on the exceptional offerings. Row DTLA is a phenomenal district located in the heart of the fashion district. Spanning over 32 acres, it’s home to a growing collective of world-famous shops, cafes, and eateries. In addition, it also has office space in Los Angeles, the world’s leading brands like Shopify.

Things That Make Row DTLA One of Downtown LA’s Hottest Fashion Districts

Here are the things contributing to Row DTLA’s status as one of the hottest fashion districts in downtown Los Angeles:

Bodega’s Sneaker Stash

You can’t miss Bodega’s sneaker stash if you’re a sneakerhead. The retailer has placed a fruit stand in front of its space. You’ll want to walk past the stand to sample their latest rare kicks. Approach with caution because you’re likely to grab a few pairs.

Portland’s Bridge and Burn

Portland’s Bridge and Burn are renowned for producing the finest women’s and men’s clothing. Their outlet in Row DTLA is the only one located outside Portland, making it a must-visit for LA’s residents.

A+R’s Furniture and Digs

A+R is the brainchild of Rose Apodaca and Andy Griffith. They were one of the first tenants to secure retail space in Row DTLA, making A+R one of the oldest retail outlets in the posh district. Their exquisite showroom features design-focused furniture and home goods and doubles as an event spaces in Los Angeles for dinners and design talks with LA’s leading designers.


Shopping can drain you after a while. You’ve probably got tired legs from browsing your favorite shops while carrying your bags. Naturally, you’ll want to grab a bite to eat and recharge your batteries. Fortunately for you, Row DTLA converts into a Smorgasburg every Sunday. You’ll find dozens of exciting food vendors ready to serve you at a moment’s notice, helping you gain respite from your shopping activities.

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