4 Useful Live Roulette Tips to Help You Win In 2021

Roulette tips? Isn’t roulette just a game of chance where you have to be lucky to win? It’s probably not headlined news if I tell you that live roulette is a game of chance.

Now I often notice that so many people make such simple mistakes. Errors that you can adjust so that you do not unnecessarily give the online casino more advantage than it already has.

I have been playing live roulette for years, and I would like to share that “knowledge” or – rather – experience with you. Since I am not going to saddle you with an entire book, I have written down the 4 most important roulette tips for you.

These are live roulette tips that you should apply anyway, in my opinion. It doesn’t matter to me; it’s just stupid to hurt yourself. Just my two cents ..

1. The only live roulette bonuses that work

If you play online roulette you know that most live roulette casino bonuses are completely useless. You are dealing with wagering requirements that don’t count roulette games. We have searched the entire internet and found all the bonuses that benefit you as a speed roulette player.

2. Play French Roulette La Partage

I am very sorry that there are people who play European roulette or – even worse – American roulette. You’re a cheat with your own pocket if you don’t enjoy La Partage French roulette. You literally give the casino a BIGGER house edge than it needs to be.

Below is a brief explanation of the three most played roulette variants:

American Roulette

American roulette is the largest sewing area of all roulette variants. You may be wondering why? Well, very simple:

In American roulette they have an extra number in the wheel, namely 00 (double zero). In addition, the payouts on winnings are the same as with European roulette and French roulette. Only because of that (crazy) double zero, the chance is SMALLER that the number/color/dozen you have bet on will fall.

The casino has a 5.26% advantage in American Roulette due to the double zero, which is not ideal for us.

European Roulette

Then you also have the European roulette, this variant is played a lot in brick-and-mortar casinos throughout Europe. European roulette is actually the best known and (hopefully) played by everyone.

The casino has an advantage of 2.7% with European roulette. This is beginning to look like it now, and there is much more to be gained!

French Roulette

French roulette can ONLY be played online, and not all live roulette sites offer REAL French roulette.

It strikes me that when you search the internet for French roulette, you literally see something else everywhere, and that is why there is no way to make it. This is why now I would like to get rid of it.

The main distinction between French and European roulette is that the La Partage law exists. The La Partage rule means that if zero (green) falls and you have bet on an out-side bet – Out-side bet is betting on red/black, 1-18 / 19-36 or even / odd – you get half your bet back!

The casino has an advantage of 1.35% in French roulette. This is the lowest house edge possible: So always play French roulette!

“Good live speed roulette tip! But where can you play French roulette with the La Partage rule? ”

It is actually too bizarre for words, but many live roulette sites supposedly offer French Roulette with the LA PARTAGE rule. This is just European roulette only with a French roulette table … Anyway, what is perhaps even more sad, is that at the moment, there is only 1 casino where you can play “real” French roulette, and that is …

To indicate the seriousness of the matter’, I want to give you this: even if you don’t give a shit with the rest of the roulette tips, as long as you play roulette la partage, you at least give yourself enough chance to win!

3. Get comfortable with the live roulette game and your bets

Excellent, of course, that French roulette gives you the highest chance of winning. But it is also useful if you know the roulette game.

This sounds very childish, but I am amazed at how often I see people gambling large sums of money when they don’t know what they are doing at all … then get super annoyed and angry when they lose their money. AVOID THIS!

Roulette tips are useless if you don’t know the rules of the game

Get to know the game, know the payouts, know the different types of bets, test the neighbors game and voila. These are not mathematical formulas or anything.

If you are smart, check out the playing live dealer roulette pages on the internet. There you can find all the payouts, types of bets and you can play roulette for free. Now with roulette, you have no more reasons for not being happy!

4. Set both a profit and loss limit

Now that you know how to play roulette, what to play (If you have already forgotten this, see live roulette tips 1) and where to play French roulette. Is it time to set a profit and loss limit?

Often everyone knows how much money he or she can lose, and I also want to emphasize that you should never gamble with money that you cannot afford to lose. Just don’t …

Set a Win limit

What nobody really does is set a win limit. The fact is that nobody gets enough of winning, but it is impossible to win unlimited. Suppose you gamble with 100 dollars, then that is your loss limit.

How much money do you want to win with that or – better said – do you think it is realistic to win? Personally, in our example of 100 dollars, I would set a win limit of 300 dollars and (you often feel this) if you have few setbacks, you can even increase this to 500 dollars.

There are no hard formulas or facts that work here. You should see this if you know that you: win-lose – win-lose. That is often a sign that your luck is over, and you have to cash out or continue gambling another time.

Pro tip: At NetEnt roulette you can set a ‘Reality Check.’

Setting a limit and keeping it there does not remain easy. If you play live roulette from NetEnt, you have the advantage that you can set a ‘reality check’. After 15 – 60 minutes, you will receive a notification that your time is up. It is a reasonable time to take cash: how much did you earn or lose, and is it time for you to stop?

By the way: if you are a big roulette player – one who wants to bet more than 10,000 dollars per round – NetEnt Live Roulette Pro is your game. Most roulette games have a table limit of $ 10,000 per round.

NetEnt Live Roulette Pro is the exception to the rule, and this roulette game is the only one with a maximum bet of $ 100,000 per round. Choose a Netent live roulette casino to play this game.

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