5 questions to ask your personal injury lawyer after an accident

If you have been in an accident – whether it was with another person or you simply fell on the sidewalk – then you need to contact personal injury lawyers who will help you with your medical bills, navigate through the recovery process, and help you with any legal issues that can arise during this event.  If you find that you were in an accident as a result of someone else’s actions, negligence on the part of a business, or someone else deliberately caused an unsafe condition, then you are legally entitled to reviewing compensation for your medical bills and guidance through this tough time in your life.

But how do you find the best personal injury lawyer from Betz and Baril for your situation? Make sure you weed out the unqualified candidates and narrow down the extensive list of options to only the best personal injury lawyer to help you with your legal court case!

How to find the best personal injury lawyer – ask them these 5 questions!

How can you help me during my court case?

One of the best questions that you can ask your Orlando Car Accident Attorney is what they can do for you and why you should hire them. There are many things that your personal injury lawyer can do for you in the court of law, helping you prepare your case, and helping you emotionally. The main benefits offering a personal injury lawyer include:
  • Helping compile your statement to send out to the insurance company
  • Cleaning up the details of what happened so the insurance company can know more information about the case
  • Speaking with hospital administrators about your medical bills to avoid any confusion
  • Speaking with the investigating police officer to help you describe the accident in detail
  • Speaking to the other party’s insurance company to resolve any disputes

What questions will you ask me?

When discussing your case, your personal injury lawyer will ask you about the trial of the case, such as the circumstances, injuries, illnesses you have as a result of the accident, and the recovery period.

What if I was injured in a car accident?

Suppose you were injured in an auto accident. In that case, whether you were a pedestrian or another driver, your personal injury lawyer can still help you gain benefits and monetary compensation for your injuries.

Can you cover me if I was injured in a slip and fall accident?

If you slipped and fell in a store, on the sidewalk, or on someone’s property, then you can still use your personal injury lawyer to figure out what you are legally entitled to. The answer will depend on the place you fell, the surface where you fell (was it slippery?), the weather conditions, the shoes you were wearing, and anything that was blocking the way that you may not have seen.

Will you help during the discovery period?

The personal injury lawyer will be a huge asset to you during the discovery period of the case. Discovery is the process of when they will hire witnesses and investigate more details about your case to find extra information that can support your argument in a court of law.


Finding the best personal injury lawyer is key to being able to defend yourself in a court of law and win your case. If you were injured in a slip and fall or auto accident, your attorney will help you compile evidence, form an argument, and increase your chances of winning!

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