5 Reasons You May Need a Dental Filling

Introduction –

One of the most common procedures by dentists is dental fillings. Dental filling means filling a hole in the tooth with some special material. Traditionally, the filling was made up of metal alloys but nowadays composite filling is more popular. Composite Tooth Fillings Carlstadt has saved many teeth. The material is used to fill up the holes of the teeth that are created by the cavities. When the teeth are filled up by the Carlstadt Dentist then there might not be any pain or discomfort related to the teeth. This is a very less expensive procedure when performed at an early stage. After that, the cavity will grow and you will end up spending more on the tooth.

What are the 5 Reasons You May Need a Dental Filling?

 The cavity is the reason for dental filling though there are some other reasons for dental filling. They are – 

  • Teeth have Cavity – Cavities are the most common problem that needs a dental filling. This happens because of decay. The cavity generally starts small out and continues to grow, if it is left untreated. It can lead to bigger problems like infections. Treating  Infection requires a root canal. So the best option is to do the dental filling when the cavity is detected.  

The Dentist at Carlstadt can tell you that the cavity requires drilling and dental filling. The filling can last for 5 years and sometimes act as a permanent tooth filling lasting a couple of decades. The filling will protect the nerve end from being exposed to the food you eat and the acid that is produced by bacteria in the mouth. When the nerves are exposed that can lead to toothaches. By filling a cavity, the teeth are restored and would stop the pain. The choice is given to the dentist of what type of material you want to choose for the filling. Patients generally opt for fillings that are natural looking. 

  • The tooth is cracked – Cracked tooth is another reason for getting a dental filling. It is very common than you can think. Some people may not be able to realize that they have a cracked tooth in their mouth. They will visit a dentist after suffering from toothache and then realize they have a toothache. This can be because of an injury like a blow on the face, by biting something very hard, clenching, or grinding. Treating a cracked tooth is necessary as it can be risky to ignore. Small cracks can lead to bigger damage, which can split the entire tooth. This can expose the nerves and the gums. 

Minor aches can be addressed by a dental filling. The dentist will fill the space created by the crack with the desired rental material for minor cracks. For severe cracks, the teeth will require a dental procedure like a crown. 

  • Small holes in teeth – Many patients who have holes in their teeth can be benefitted from a dental filling. The holes cannot be called cavities neither they cause any discomfort but they needed to be filled. Sometimes it can cause sensitivity and pain in the teeth. When the small holes are left untreated there are chances that bacteria and food particles can accumulate there which can lead to decay. The holes can expand if they are not filled timely. The dentist here may suggest that dental filling to prevent it from decay. By visiting the dentist regularly, you can identify the possible areas that will require specific dental procedures. 
  • The tooth is chipped – A chipped tooth may also result in a dental filling. Chipped tooth teeth can be dangerous because they create sharp edges. This put soft tissues of the oral cavity at risk of getting scraped or cut. It is recommended to consult a dentist to administer the treatment. A chipped tooth can be easily identified. This can be because of an accident or injury like a strike on the face with an object, clenching, grinding, or eating something. The dental filling will fill the spots where the tooth is chipped. 

The dentist might use the filling to rebuild the exterior of the tooth. This is called the bonding of the tooth. This process is also used to fix cracked teeth. The front teeth that are chipped may require some other dental procedure but for other teeth this dental procedure is suitable. 

  • The filling has to be replaced – Dental fillings are temporary, they are not permanent. Sometimes, the old filling has come loose and needs replacement. Over time, the filling can wear down or come loose and fall out. This can be because of eating or by cracking or chipping. The patients realize that the filling has come off when they experience tooth pain from bacteria build-up or nerve exposure. It is better to have the filling replaced before it can lead to a root canal or tooth extraction. Here regular visits with the dentist are very important to recognize these problems at the beginning stage. 

Conclusion – 

A dental filling is a simple procedure that helps in preventing serious damage to the teeth. There is no need to delay if you doubt that you need one. It protects the tooth from decay and infection later on. Dental Fillings at Carlstadt take proper care of the teeth. If you have one or more cavities in the mouth, Composite Fillings Carlstadt can provide you with adequate treatment. 

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