5 reasons you need a circuit breaker at home

Electricity is rather well understood nowadays, but back when it was first being discovered, it seemed like magic or some sort of divine interference into the physical world. Regardless if you understand electricity or not, it’s by far one of the most useful human discoveries to date, along with fire and internal combustion engines – and with miniature circuit breakers it’s even safe.

Here’s what a circuit breaker does for you

In our day to day lives, we rarely consider the things which make our experience problem free or save us from bad things happening to us or our loved ones. One of those silent heroes is the circuits breakers in your basement or your cupboard – here’s why they are so important for your day-to-day life.

1. It protects your property

What a smart circuit breaker does is that it protects your property from burning down – simple as that. A circuit breaker does what the name suggests, it breaks the circuit of your electrical system, or it temporarily breaks it, so there’s no electricity running in your house.

While we do need it, there are circumstances where such a device can be quite handy, and if it protects is at the same time, they become even more awesome. The way that a circuit smart circuit breaker works, is that it acts as a link between the general electrical circuit and the one you have at home.

Once it senses that there is more power to the house than it can handle, it will shut off the supply of electricity until you physically switch it back on. Overcharge is dangerous because it can burn your house down.

2. It protects your appliances

Holidays see the most appliance use during the year, especially Thanksgiving when all the kitchen appliances are on at once. This puts quite a lot of strain on the system and it may cause or short circuit or a build-up of charge in the system which can fry your appliance, however, thanks to circuit breakers, your appliances are protected.

3. It protects your life

If there is a fault in the system and you plug an appliance in, there is a chance that its protective systems will fail and you will get electrocuted. Once there is a short circuit in the system, there will be a surcharge of energy through your wiring, and if there’s no circuit breaker, there is no way of turning off power safely – it can cause great bodily harm.

4. Does not cost that much

Miniature circuit breakers from don’t really cost that much to purchase, install or maintain and they can be the difference between a nice and warn Christmas, or a cold and dark one. For such an important part of your electrical wiring, a circuit breaker really isn’t that much of an investment, especially the high quality ones.

5. Easy way to shut off power to the house

If you need, for any reason, to shut off the power to your property, a circuit breaker is a safe way of doing so. Without it, you’d be exposed to extremes dangerous high amounts of raw electrical energy and you might get hurt trying to remove it from your house – a circuit breaker does that for you in a very safe and quick way.

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