5 Tips to make friends at the workplace

Making friends at the workplace isn’t easy. You might face troubles fitting in. Whether you are new at your workplace or just feeling left out, you must reach out to your peers.

Finding friends with the same wavelength is priceless!

It’s crucial to make good friends at work. Friends encourage you to perform better at your job and improve your participation level. Friends make it easy for you to fit into the office. They make everything vibe different. Also, they motivate you to be more productive and stay loyal to your company.

Positive energy is always appreciated wherever it goes! A positive aura brings out positivity at the place. A sparkling smile in the morning goes a long way. To endear to all, make sure you are bubbly and full of cheer. This positivity is highly appreciated in an environment like the workplace. Don’t forget to set the tone with your good morning only!

While on the other hand, negative energy hinders professional and personal growth as well. A negative attitude is highly criticized like who would like to listen to your problems at a workplace. Negative energy at the workplace is always protested.

Here are some amazing tips for you to buckle up with your fellow mates at the work –

1. Stay real – A recent study suggests that you cannot fake things for more than 3 months. Projecting an image that is different from whom you are in real would only make things difficult for you. Pretending to be a different personality will only call unnecessary people in your life. Be who you are and let people appreciate the real you.

2. Compliment – Complimenting others is a great way of appreciating the performance of others around you. When people are praised for their work, they try to improve their skills. Praising someone initiates a positive feedback incentive in marketing mechanism in them which directly improves their motor skills. Also, who doesn’t like a compliment? Exactly, we all like the ones who speak well about us.

3. Be the back you crave for – Always be ready to help your colleagues. Be their back and support them in their tough times. You can offer a helping hand in their project or might just be their therapist for a day. Friends don’t let friends face difficult time alone.

4. Professionalism – We all know how cut-throat competition in startups consulting is. Your career grows if you learn to keep your personal and diplomacy issues aside. It’s your moral duty to act professionally at formal places like your office. Don’t interrupt other’s issues unless it’s something about you. It’s always better to keep a distance from workplace politics.

5. Respect – Respect is something you earn only by giving it to others. No one deserves to be on a pedestal at the workplace. All you got to do is treat your colleagues with respect. Channelize the environment at your workplace as an interactive and wonderful place to work in.

If you truly engage with your co-workers, making friends at the office is genuinely very simple. You might need to go the extra mile or make an extra effort to build connections with your colleagues. Remember, in the end, the efforts are all worth it!

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