5 Ways to distinguish genuine Marc Jacobs handbags from replicas

Marc Jacobs is well-known for being Louis Vuitton’s creative director. However, not everyone is aware that the designer also has his own brand that bears his name.

Designer bags are available from the American fashion brand, which has more than 300 retail locations globally.

  1. Where can I get bags by Marc Jacobs?

As was already said, Marc Jacobs operates hundreds of retail locations throughout 60 nations. Marc Jacobs is most easily located there, so if one of their stores is close to where you live, you’re in luck.

You can always buy something from Marc Jacobs’ official website if you don’t want to.

Not to mention the market for used goods. Marc Jacobs bags and other genuine designer handbags are guaranteed on many trusted sites.

These websites are great alternatives to buying straight from Marc Jacobs stores if you’re trying to save money.

Just keep in mind that this advice only applies if you’re seeking to buy new bags. Pre-owned bags might not have their original dust bags included.

Additionally, copies might come with their own dust bags, so check the rest of the bag to corroborate your suspicions.

  1. Check the bag for the internal brand name.

The marc jacobs mini bags brand name is printed on the interior lining of the majority of Marc Jacobs handbags.

Just below the brand name, a “Made in” label identifies the production nation. From here, there are a few things you ought to remember.

Check to see if the typeface used for the Marc Jacobs emblem and the “made in” stamp are the same. If you come across a bag that doesn’t have the same typefaces as other legitimate Marc Jacobs bags, it’s a fake.

The most, if not all, of Marc Jacobs handbags are created in China, despite the fact that the leather may be Italian. Genuine Marc Jacobs bags are made in China and other nations with cheap labor prices, despite being an American brand.

Second, take into account the distance between the name’s letters and the stamp as well as how they are positioned in relation to the purse.

Because many counterfeit Marc Jacobs handbags don’t have the proper area or positioning for the brand name, compare the inside brand name to any internet images you may come across.

  1. Pay close attention to the leather handbag’s stitching

Since designer labels don’t cut corners on their bags, you should want nothing less than absolute perfectionor a near-imperfect replica. This is accurate, especially in terms of their stitching, giving it a reliable way to distinguish between real and imitation handbags.

Just check to see if the handbag’s stitching is uniformly done. Like many designer handbags, Marc Jacobs handbags have gorgeous lined stitching all over the bag.

They are superb, straight, and even. It is not the genuine article if the stitching is inconsistent or flawed in any way.

  1. Inspect the Handbag’s Zipper

One of the simplest methods to determine if a bag is a genuine Marc Jacobs handbag is to look at the zippers. Genuine Marc Jacobs purses include RIRI or Lampo zippers, which may be recognized by their distinctive characteristics.

By contrasting the zippers on the purse you’re contemplating with pictures of RIRI and Lampo zippers online, you may quickly discover the solution.

Simply look at the wording behind the zipper to identify RIRI zippers. It is simple to miss. Check the RIRI logo’s letters as well because they could not match the genuine thing.

The bag’s side pockets typically have lampo zippers. Since RIRI serves as the primary zipper, they are rarely employed in that capacity.

However, they do share a trait in that each zipper has Marc Jacobs printed on the front of it. Because they should match the rest of the bag, thoroughly inspect each of these trademarks.

A bag with YKK zippers is clearly a knockoff of a marc jacobs mini bags design. Marc Jacobs hasn’t, at least not yet, employed YKK zippers in their bags, despite the fact that they are frequently seen in luxury bags.

  1. Discover the serial number of the bag

The serial number that is included with each Marc Jacobs bag is last but certainly not least. Unfortunately, only more recent Marc Jacobs bags include serial numbers; earlier ones do not.

The model number, along with the season and year of manufacture, are among the parameters included in the serial number. To determine whether the serial numbers correspond to genuine bags, you can compare them.


What is the normal price of a Marc Jacobs handbag?

The price of Marc Jacobs bags is lower than that of other designer names. Their priciest backpacks may run up to $595, while their priciest saddlebags can run up to $550.

Because they provide a wide range of bags and all of their bags are priced between $125 and $595, there are many affordable alternatives available.

American fashion designer Marc Jacobs was once included on Time Magazine’s list of the most powerful persons in the world.

He formerly served as Louis Vuitton’s creative director and is currently the head designer for his own clothing line with the same name. He was born on April 9, 1963 in New York City, and as of 2018, he is worth $200 million.

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