5 Ways to Have a Fun Evening with Friends in Covent Garden

Are you in charge of planning the annual friends reunion? There is always going to be one person in the group that has to arrange and book everything. If you are someone that likes this task then it is going to be a lot of fun. But, it can be difficult to find an activity you have done before or a place you have not visited. 

The good news is, there are plenty of exciting things you can do in Covent Garden with a friend group. Let’s take a look at five ways you can have a fun and unforgettable evening with loved ones.

Comedy Carnival

If there is one area of London that most people know, it is Covent Garden. So, you will not have to worry; there is plenty for you to do here. The first thing you can do is head to a comedy club. This is going to be a fantastic spot where you can have a laugh with your loved ones and really unwind for the night. You have the opportunity to see a comedy act that you know already or explore new options. 

In particular, Comedy Carnival is going to make sure that you have a hilarious night with your friends. There are a lot of different comedy shows on during the week and at the weekend, so you can take your pick.  You can check out the show information on the link. It is simple to purchase tickets and there are even packages you can get to enjoy dinner before the show. This can be a fun and memorable evening in Covent Garden.

The Royal Opera House

Is going to see a ballet or opera show more your style? Well, you can always arrange a trip to the Royal Opera House with your friends or family. But, this is no ordinary night out in London. You can enjoy being in a building from 1858 and that has a lot of history. In particular, you can be a guest at fabulous shows and some of the best in the country.

But, something that you should be aware of is that the Royal Opera House is popular. So, if this is the type of evening you are planning with your loved ones, you will have to be quick to secure tickets.

Covent Garden Market

There are just some sights in London that you have to see. They are popular and everyone knows about them. Well, one of these is Covent Garden Market. We are talking about this place being around since the 17th century. The market hall itself has been here since the 19th century.

Indeed, you are going to be able to do some shopping here with friends if you are early enough. But, there is also a lot more you can do now. Of course, you have the opportunity to enjoy the architecture. But, you can even go for a meal and enjoy the energy around the place. So, you can catch up with friends and family, as well as just have a good time around a vibrant place in the city.

Somerset House

Next, there is Somerset House. This is a stunning building that is definitely worth visiting if you have never been to Covent Garden before. It was built back in 1776 and the palace always has a buzz around the place. 

But, Somerset House is not just a building that is beautiful to look at. There are also many activities and events that happen here throughout the year. So, it is worth checking out what is on when you are going to be in town. For instance, there can be an open-air cinema during the summer months and when it is warm outside. Alternatively, there can be a skating rink to enjoy during the winter. So, this can be a way to have a fun evening that is full of action with friends and family.

London Transport Museum

If you want to enjoy a chat and walk around a museum with your friends, there is going to be no better place to go than the London transport museum. Here, you can see some vehicles from history and it can be entertaining to view exhibits and just relax with your loved ones in the evening.

Do not worry; there are some nights when the London Transport Museum opens later on. This is called an After Dark nights where hours are extended. So, there is no reason why you cannot spend an evening here if you are looking for something different to do in Covent Garden. What’s more, there might something you can learn here.

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