7 Points you must know before moving your plants

Plants are important elements of your house. They not only enhance the aesthetics of your interior and garden but also provide oxygen. Relocating your plants with the help of Packers and Movers is different from relocating your luggage. They are living beings and need as wholesome an environment to survive as you. Moreover, you can fold and put your tangible belongings into a box for transportation. This is not the case with your plants.

The following tips will help you relocate your plants without causing harm to them.

1) Take care of your plants’ health:

Before you shift, your plants must be in a healthy state so that they can withstand the temperature conditions on the day of your move. Water your plants regularly till the day you have to move. Keep the soil hydrated and the roots loose to bear the shocks and vibrations during the transportation. Don’t entirely depend on Packers and Movers in Dwarka Delhi.

2) Trim your plants:

The volume of the box is a limiting factor in the packing and moving process. If you try to move all your plants in their fully-thrived state, you’ll need to make multiple round trips to shifty all of them. Trimming the extra portion of your plants greatly reduces its volume. Removing dead branches and leaves makes your plant look compact and easy to carry. The smaller the area a plant occupies, the more plants you’ll be able to accommodate in the transporting vehicle.

3) Use plastic pots:

Clay pots are fragile and are prone to breakage while going through traffic or on a poor road. Any collision between two plants due to motion shocks and vibration of the vehicle may cause the pot to break. On the contrary, plastic pots are durable and light enough to be easily lifted.

4) Cover the leaves:

Plants are sensitive to friction. During transportation, the vibrations may cause the plants to rub against each other. This may cause the leaves to fall or injure the plants. Cover the shoot portion of the plants to preserve the moisture as well as providing protection.

5) Use the right size of the box:

The size of the moving box should be larger than that of the plant to give sufficient space for the plant to breathe. If the box is too small, it may cause mechanical stress on the body of the plant causing it to bend or break. If possible, keep the lid of the box open to allow your plants to breathe.

6) Load your plants at last:

Packing and loading is a time-demanding process. If you load your plants onto the transporting vehicle right in the beginning, by the time you finish with the loading process, your plants might have got suffocated. Do the entire packing and loading of tangible belongings first and right before moving, load your plants.

7) Take care on the way:

your job does not end after the loading process. Long journeys can cause an imbalance in their physiological processes like respiration and transpiration. On your way, have some stoppages to check your plants’ relative positioning and orientation. If a plant has toppled, make proper arrangements to keep it steady.

Relocation of your plants is as crucial as that of your belongings. You grow your favorite plants and nurture them. You might have got some of them as a present. At your new place, they’ll give you the feeling and memories of your old house. They’ll also make your new abode feel like home.

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