7 Smart Ways to Form a Formal Look with a Casual Piece

Casual garments can be a quick fix for your formal dressing. It is an incredible way to spark up the style quotient in your office or wedding party look because the definition of a formal style isn’t limited to adding layers but doing something to make it visually appealing and perfect for an event. Jeans can actually make a smart sense, and casual shirts for men paired with a well-suited blazer can be a show stopper.

Forming the best-dressed version with a casual piece is relatively easier; all it needs is paying attention to detailing and aiming to look youthful in a mature style. If still, you are struggling to find the best idea for your formal event, let’s help you out. Below we have shortlisted some truly innovative ways to make your formal dress-up more creative with a casual touch.

1. Well-Fitted Blazer and a Printed Shirt

Style cultivates on the ground of some basic principles such as size and colors that are the two most essential principles you must pay attention to if you want to get the most of your formal outfit. Even though if you are planning to create a creative dress with a casual statement piece, work more on fittings. A well-fitted blazer is the crux of a visually appealing formal look. A well-fitted printed shirt will be a cherry on the top when tucked nicely in your formal trousers. But try choosing a sleek shirt to avoid being too flashy.

2. Plain Silk Shirt with Blazer

The plain silk shirt is another excellent gear for your formal transformation. Just pick any best blazer suit that goes well with that soft and simple shirt you have recently selected for your formal plans, work with color coordination and upgrade your style game like a fashion influencer. Tuck the shirt in your pants and add layers with a blazer and flaunt your mature swag with boldness by unbuttoning the first three buttons of your shirt.

3. Chinos and Tight Shirt Tucked in

A tight shirt alone can make a showstopper if dressed smartly and appropriately. Simply use chinos for bottom wear style in any best color that you find the best for the season. For the footwear, try choosing a loafer since it refines the detailing of your look, and let the tight shirt steal attention by simply tucking it in your pants to flaunt your perfect body shape.

4.Jeans plus formal upper

If you only have jeans in your wardrobe, a formal look may sound difficult to achieve. But surprisingly, it is straightforward. Simply start exploring some of the best t-shirts for men online and stick to some sleek and plain options. Henley t-shirt can be a big yes-yes for formal styling. However, we will be excluding blue jeans from this style game but choosing formal-looking jeans only for a formal theme.

5. Trousers paired with the floral shirt

Trousers have always been the most incredible dressing element for a formal dressing plan, but you can add more grace to your ultimate styling with a bit of creativeness. Such as, instead of choosing a simple shirt, use a floral shirt. At first glance, this may sound a bit odd, but the ultimate look will solely depend upon your skills in color coordination. Such as, you can team plain trousers up with a light-colored floral tee. Try avoiding flashy or silky colors if you don’t want to end up looking like the 90s.

6. Printed Casual Suit with a Formal Shirt

A printed casual suit is another great option to switch from casual to formal dress code in your own style. Simply add a formal shirt with this statement piece and see a brand-new formal outfit ready to win the show. The printed casual suit is the latest trend these days.

7. T-shirt tucked in Formal Pants.

Shirts for men are one of the best staple pieces, that once you tuck in your formal pants, add a classy and luxurious appeal to your overall appearance. Therefore, select any best working casual shirt for your formal events; if unclear, consider picking up some low-contrast or utterly dark concepts.  Your ultimate look will surely satisfy you for a formal dressing goal.

The Final Words

Ultimately it isn’t that difficult to create a formal look from scratch. Simply consider few basic principles of styling, choose the correct dressing elements from your wardrobe, and you’re ready to rock that event with your brightest looks. Shirts for men can be a quick fix since you can create and re-create many exciting fashion concepts that inspire others. Even though you don’t have those good dressing elements in your wardrobe to make a desired formal look, a shirt alone can work more than your expectation. So hurry! Buy the best shirt only at and showcase your versatility in styling with pride.

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