7 Tips for Designing Custom Tap Handles for Your Brewery

Custom tap handles for breweries are more than just a tool for beer dispensing.

They can advertise the brand or beer you offer.

They are an excellent marketing tool that encourages consumers to taste your beverages.

After all, they can be a real pride and the feature of your bar.

You need just to figure out what design to choose for a tap handle so that it makes your products more noticeable on the beer line.

We have compiled 7 key points that will help you to create the best custom tap handles for your brand:

1. Designed to be in sync with the interior

Before ordering beer taps, explore the interior of your bar.

  • In what style is it designed?
  • What colors and materials predominate?
  • How is the bar counter decorated?

Custom tap handles must be represented as a part of your brewery.

If the bar does not have any distinct style, tap handles and other visual elements of the design can be an excellent basis to start from when choosing the style during renovation.

2. Material

Now that you know which materials dominate the design, it’s time to find the right material for your tap handles.

Wood or ceramics are the most commonly used manufacturing materials.

If you prefer wood, then you will probably be interested to know about all the advantages of such products:

  • Wood type: ash tree or alder;
  • Long service life;
  • Vintage style;
  • Perfectly customizable: you can make a tap handle of any shape, or size, and brand it as you need.

Ceramics is another great material to highlight your bar counter.

The following design options are available:

  • Shape: oval, elongated cylindrical and elongated rectangular, paddle- or caduceus-shaped;
  • Color: black, white, marble (green, blue, gray, and cream shades);
  • Customization: Depending on the shape of the handle, you can place the logo on a square or round plate.

3. Branding

An eye-catching image or bright brand logo will surely attract customers’ attention to your range.

4. Contrasting colors

Which name will you read faster: the one written in black on a white background or the one written in blue on a brown background?

Of course, it is much easier to read the black typography on a white tap handle. And this is not surprising, because this combination of colors is more contrasting.

You can choose any color combination that is easy to read.

5. Perception

Sometimes it’s not so easy to choose the beer you would like to drink. Imagine sitting in a bar, glancing at the beer list and nothing stands out.

Another thing is if you notice a unique beer tap handle that attracts your attention and makes you try this beer variety!

That is why it is so important to make your tap handle readable from a distance and any angle.

6. Shape

What is written on the beer taps is only half the battle.

Choose a unique custom shape of the beer tap to make your brewery stand out from the competitors.

7. Marketing strategy

Focusing too much on how awesome your tap handles can be, it is easy to fall into the trap.

Yes, the tap handle should be bright and eye-catching.

But, choosing the appropriate design for it, be sure to consider your marketing strategy and consumer behavior.

Otherwise, you risk getting an item without any tie-in to your brand.

Do you know where to order such products?

Contact a popular company Xpress Tap Handles.

Here you will be helped to choose the best custom tap handles for breweries with a design that is sure to get your brand the attention that it deserves!

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