8 Best things to do in Mauritius 

This charming island offers a variety of activities, from tranquil beaches to thrilling water sports, as well as unique cultures and traditions. The country is made up of the outer islands of the Mascarene Islands, Rodrigues, Mauritius, and other smaller islands. All those who visit once keep coming to this iridescent island. Sightseeing spots are abundant as well as things to do in Mauritius. The island nation is home to UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and so much more.

Hike the Black River Gorges National Park 

The Black River Gorges National Park features the last left rainforest of Mauritius. It is a place rich in beautiful vistas, exotic flora, and fauna. The top choice of activity to do here is hiking. Just imagine walking through a lush beautiful thick forest, with the possibility to encounter some gorgeous creatures. As you go for a hike you can also experience bird watching. The place has tall hills like the Grand Canyon making for fascinating views. Mauritius is a dream destination for many, offering a plethora of exciting activities and breathtaking sights. And if you’re also planning a visit to the enchanting island of Sifnos, don’t miss the opportunity to experience its beauty from the water with a Boat rental Sifnos service, ensuring a unique and captivating adventure.

Some of the trails that we recommend are:

Piton Mauritius Trail

Location – near St. Martin, Savanne

Difficulty Level – Moderate

Length – 6 to 8 Km

Average time to complete – Almost 2 hours

Accessibility – The trail is open all year round

Cascade Loop

Location – near Catonsville, Maryland

Difficulty Level – Moderate

Length – 3.7 Km

Average time to complete – Almost an hour

Accessibility – The trail is open all year round and is also pet friendly but should be on a leash

Explore the seven-colored earth of Chamarel

The beautiful, colorful dunes are a major tourist attraction.  They are composed of various hues of purple, grey, brown, and red. Today, fences surround the dunes, and tourists are not permitted to climb them. Even though you can’t climb them, the view is still breathtaking. Sit down and take in the scenery. The colored sand in test tubes is available at souvenir shops. It is shockingly barren of any greenery while being located in the middle of an enormous, lush rainforest.

Helicopter Ride to Underwater waterfall 

In the helicopter ride, you will be guided during your incredible journey by an experienced and licensed helicopter pilot, by international safety standards. You may also get to see some of the island’s other noteworthy features and sites, based on where you take off from. Viewing the magnificent Indian ocean and the coastline of Mauritius, the sugarcane field, the underwater waterfalls, the sandy beaches, and the seven-colored earth of Chamarel on a helicopter is an unmatched experience.

The island’s southwestern region particularly offers breathtaking views of blue lagoons, captivating coral reefs, and pristine white sand beaches lined with palm palms. The wonderful sensation of flying over this beautiful underwater waterfall will stay with you forever. It’s a genuinely unusual sight to view from above.

Scuba Diving 

The beautiful, shallow turquoise waters of Mauritius make for an amazing scuba diving experience. The island’s waters are enriched with the beautiful barrier coral reef and are home to a multitude of stunning and unique creatures that put on an amazing show for divers making Mauritius One of the top locations for a pleasant scuba diving experience. In Mauritius, there are more than 100 dive sites to discover.

Visit Port Louis 

The capital and largest city of Mauritius is Port Louis, it has traces of  India, Africa, China, the Middle East, and Europe are all represented, as well as other cultures.  Many days of enjoyable excursions are available in the busy city. At the “Central Market,” you should experience regional street food, take interesting pictures with the street art, and enjoy it. You can also shop for souvenirs for yourself and as gifts for friends and family at the Central Market.

Dolphin and whale watching 

You can book a package of Dolphin and watch with a travel company. One involves watching the silent gentle creature, the dolphins during the early morning. We recommend going early morning to get the utmost peaceful experience. Whale watching is awe-worthy, witnessing these majestic creatures just existing. You can go on speed boat rides to view whales off the coast of Mauritius. On this late-morning expedition, you will be close enough to take some fantastic shots while maintaining a safe distance to prevent disturbing the whales.

Savor the local food

Mauritius’ street food is a mixture of flavors from Indian, French, Creole, African, and Chinese cuisine. Make sure to explore the diverse food options here, coz where would you get such a diverse, unique experience?

Some delicacies you must try are;

Dholl Puri 

It is a simple dish that fills the soul. A lentil-stuffed flatbread that is deep-fried and eaten with chutney.


These are Chinese dumplings that are typically served with soup. Locals consider it to be comfort food. The greatest Boulettes can be found in Chinatown Gateaux Piment. They make the best finger foods to eat when strolling through Mauritius’s vibrant alleyways or as a snack while drinking Mauritian Vanilla tea.

Salad Confit

It is unlike any other salad you’ve ever tasted because it’s topped with savory, sour, spicy, sweet, and sour ingredients. These are sold by vendors throughout Mauritius. They make the ideal summertime snack.

Experience Mauritius Nightlife 

With alluring beach clubs, popular nightclubs, exciting casinos, and relaxed lounges, Mauritius has a vibrant nightlife. The finest pubs and clubs are constantly busy with dancing people, upbeat music, and specialty beverages and cocktails. Our top recommendations for a great night are:

  • Fifty Five Lounge Club
  • Casino De Maurice
  • Flying Dodo
  • Kenzi Bar
  • Merveilles Restro-Bar


The small island nation of Mauritius has a lot to offer. Undoubtedly, a single trip is not sufficient to truly appreciate what this beautiful country has to offer. If you are feeling adventurous Mauritius is for you, if you are craving calm, there are serene beaches in Mauritius, If you want to be in nature, there’s no limit to natural gems like waterfalls, and colorful dunes enchanting beaches, here. Mauritius tour packages truly makes for a diverse, soul-enriching vacation destination.

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