A Guide to Lab Grown Diamonds

Growing diamonds has transformed the diamond industry. Unlike natural diamonds, lab grown stones are ethical, conflict-free and sustainable. These are perfect for engagement rings, as they are a perfect replica of natural ones. Despite their appearance, lab grown diamonds are a perfect alternative to natural diamonds. Find out more about this beautiful and ethical gemstone and learn how you can get your hands on one. We’ve put together a short guide to lab grown diamonds in Perth.

Grown diamond

A laboratory grown diamond is the same chemically and physically as a mined diamond. The process used to grow lab-grown diamonds is safe for the environment. The mined stones cannot be differentiated from their artificial counterparts without expensive equipment. Everett Brookes Jewellers is one of the leading suppliers of lab grown diamonds in Perth. They guarantee the purity of their gemstones and offer a lifetime guarantee.

The quality of lab grown diamonds Perth is comparable to that of natural diamonds. They can be as pure or even better than the real thing, making them a great choice for engagement rings. Because of their immaculate purity, lab grown diamonds are an excellent option for engagement rings and wedding bands. As one of the largest retailers of lab grown diamonds in Australia, Everett Brookes is committed to providing clients with the best service.


In addition to being ethical and affordable, lab grown diamonds have other benefits. They are available throughout Australia, are conflict-free, and are cheaper than diamonds mined in the traditional way. In Perth, one of the largest retailers of lab grown diamonds is Everett Brookes Jewellers. These gemstones are as pure as a mined diamond. They are a superior choice for engagement rings, and even harder to differentiate if you have a rough-cut or a fake one.

There are many benefits to lab grown diamonds in Perth, including an entry-level price, environmental benefits, and the purity of the stone. The quality of a lab-grown diamond is identical to that of a natural diamond and can be difficult to tell apart unless you have expensive equipment. The company that creates them guarantees the purity of their products, and that makes it the preferred choice for a wide range of diamonds.

Pure diamond

Man made diamonds UK are as pure as a mined diamond. Despite their superiority, they are still less expensive than the real thing. Since they are grown in a laboratory, lab grown diamonds are environmentally friendly and a better alternative than natural diamonds in many ways. Aside from the price, they are much more accessible to consumers. Compared to natural and synthetic diamonds, they are also more sustainable, conflict-free, and eco-friendly.

There are several advantages to lab grown diamonds. They are environmentally friendly. They are more affordable than mined diamonds. Their beauty is also guaranteed by the manufacturer. In fact, they’re often more attractive than mined diamonds. You can choose from a range of colours and cuts to match your style. When you choose a lab grown diamond, you can rest assured that it will be as pure as a natural one.


Lab grown diamonds are similar to natural diamonds in every way except for the shape. While mined diamonds are incredibly rare, lab grown diamonds can be a better choice for many people. They’re also much more affordable than natural diamonds and are often conflict-free. As such, they’re a great choice for engagement rings and other special occasions. They are available at more competitive prices than their natural counterparts.

Lab grown diamonds are ethical and environmentally friendly. They are less expensive than mined diamonds and are often conflict-free. Moreover, they’re completely transparent and are easy to distinguish from real diamonds. They’re also environmentally friendly and ethical, so they’re the perfect choice for engagement rings. They’re available anywhere you look and are as pure as the real thing. It’s also easy to see why lab grown diamonds are so popular.


Besides being environmentally-conscious, lab grown diamonds are ethical. The diamonds are made in a laboratory, and have the same chemical makeup as natural ones. The difference is in the method and quality. Because they’re grown in a laboratory, they are often higher priced than a natural one. The quality of these stones is comparable to that of genuine diamonds, but they are not. The process of growing a diamond in a laboratory is environmentally friendly and ethical.

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