A men’s guide to stylish underwear

Unless you’re one of those guys who feels the need to go above and above by stripping on a night out, your men’s underwear is not for public consumption. 

That doesn’t mean you can wear whatever overstretched, greying grundies you can get your hands on until death. The same is true for undergarments and loungewear.

You should be aware of what is below not only in case you are lucky or hit by a bus. 

When you have the perfect assortment of men’s underwear, you will feel amazing in your clothes, and your boxers will no longer have bizarre ideas of travelling far further north than your trousers.

We’ve provided every piece of information you’ll need to keep your underwear under control and your underwear etiquette excellent. Surprisingly, it turns out that your mother isn’t always correct. Certainly not in this instance.

Many men’s underwear styles

The first time a man chooses his own men’s underwear is the most important turning point in his life, exceeding milestones such as graduation, marriage, and parenting.

However, what was the best choice for you as a teenager is no longer the best option for you now. Your body has changed. You now have new prerequisites. There is a more snug fit someplace. Olivia Francis, the creator of Hamilton & hare, will be your tour guide.


The conventional y front looks like this. Although it is not for everyone, it offers good support and a comfortable fit. This is particularly good for men with large thighs.

Tight shorts

Traditional boxer shorts provide the best comfort, covering, and breathability, but they often bunch and ride up, making them unsuitable for wearing with skinny pants.

Choose a more visually pleasant, fitting design that goes well with thinner leggings. As a result, they are very comfortable and flattering on all body shapes.


These are a more current style with the most basic design, making them ideal for pairing with slim-fit trousers. 

They are ideal for men with thinner legs since they sit perfectly on the hip, a little lower than other styles, and are short in the leg, cutting across the mid-thigh.

M&s experts advise avoiding wearing “hipster” clothing since it sits low and looks best with tucked-in shirts. Or you risk receiving a heated breeze every time you kneel down.

Boxer briefs

Boxer briefs are a mix between the two, sitting on the waist and being somewhat longer in the leg than conventional boxer shorts. 

They are the most popular option since they are widely appealing and flexible. This is especially useful for folks with bigger buttocks.


If you’ve ever tried to run while wearing baggy boxers, we understand. Athletic underwear has certain requirements; it must keep you in place while still being permeable enough to endure sweaty exercises.

Just be cautious not to confuse pouch underwear for sports underwear unless you know precisely what you’re looking for!


Undershirts are not technically considered underwear for your bottoms, yet they are just as important in your daily life. The best undershirts for men are available in a variety of fabrics, sizes, and styles and may be used for a variety of purposes. 

The right undershirt is essential for a variety of reasons, including keeping you warm in the nights and preventing you from turning into a sweat puddle.

Men’s underwear buying guide: the best fabric

Your most intimate apparel should be soft, supportive, and breathable. Cotton and jersey, which supply all three, have long been the preferred fabrics for underwear manufacturers. 

However, the advancement of fabrics provides modern man with additional alternatives for staying dry and cool.

Cotton is a timeless fabric. This fabric is ideal for funny underwear. It is naturally soft, light, and hypoallergenic.


Its inherent flexibility and soft, lightweight construction make it an excellent choice for active guys. 

If you like to work out on weekends rather than relax, the sunspel team recommends a stretch design with a more elastic composition for further support.

Lyocell jersey

Hamilton & hare designed this one-of-a-kind take on the traditional jersey. We blend a natural paint nanofiber with cotton for a luxurious feel. 

The nanofibers deliver unparalleled smoothness and moisture absorption.


Silk is a classic material, but it is fast fading from the underwear industry. And with good reason. 

Despite the fabric’s incredible lightness and breathability, Francis reports that it is a delicate fabric that is easily destroyed and does not stand up well to washing and wearing. Leave it to peter string fellow.


Because it is breathable and light, mesh is a popular material for sports underwear. Even after a cardio activity, some manufacturers go a step further and utilize heat-sensitive mesh fabric, which helps transfer body heat and keeps your pants cool to the touch.

Fit yourself appropriately

For reasons we won’t go into here, it’s not appropriate to put on men’s underwear in shops. 

However, comfort is dependent on understanding your core size and sticking to a certain brand after you’ve found the appropriate fit.

Anything too little will constrict your circulation rather than expand your package, and anything too large will have you writhing in your chair all day. Size is important.

In the water, use non-chlorine bleach white underwear

If you think you’ve mastered adulthood since you know that whitening white men’s underwear would make it seem less smelly worn out, you’re mistaken.

After cleaning with bleach, your white underwear will recover part of its previous luster, but you must use a non-chlorine bleach to get that beautiful shine without destroying the elasticity of your underwear.

An overview of the history of men’s underwear

The loin cloth of ancient Egypt, a band of fabric coiled and knotted around its wearer’s delicate circa 7,000 years ago, is the first example of anything like underwear. Essentially, an adult diaper.

Men’s underwear became more recognizable in the 13th century, when calf-length slip-on loose undershorts became a social necessity. 

During the renaissance, the introduction of a urinary flap that could be opened at any time increased the erotic appeal of underwear by making it tighter and shorter (just knee length, mind you), and it turned out to be one of mankind’s finest innovations ever.

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