A review of DNA My Horse breeds DNA testing service.

We all know that the Horse breed DNA testing is a well known DNA testing service which is used to determine the genetic mark up of the specific breed of your horse. The working method is to analyze the DNA of the horse you own for identifying the specific genetic markers.  It helps you to be associated with different breeds you are looking for. These tests provide you all the valuable information about your horse’s ancestry you were looking for. So as an owner you can verify its breed heritage. Usually the DNA testing process taking a small sample of tissue from the horse you are trying to test. Mainly the sample includes tail hair sample or blood sample from the horse.

So if you are looking for the best horse dna testing companion then we are here for you. Our high tech laboratory is equipped with specialized vet genetics testing equipments. We perform a series of genetic tests of the samples taken from your horse in order to identify the specific markers and variations in the horse’s DNA. After completing the tests we compare the test results in our database which is enriched with the profiles of well known horse breeds in order to determine the breed composition of the horse being tested. Some of the advantages of choosing our service are described below:

Proper Breed Identification of your horse:

In our DNA testing method we follow the proper instruction provided by the FDA. So we are able to accurately identify the breed according to the DNA composition of your horse. We are entitled to provide proper clarity about the actual genetic heritage for each of the horse Sample we work on. So it is very practical and useful both at the same time for horses with unknown pedigrees. Either it is with proper blood line or with mixed breed backgrounds.

100% Accuracy and Reliability in our results:

As the most reputable DNA testing services in the business we use advanced genetic analysis method for cross reference of our enriched databases with exclusive breed profiles. So we can ensure most accurately and reliability the results you have been looking for. We allow the owners who are our potential customers to make informed decisions based on genetic information we are providing.

We provide the Parentage Verification:

Our DNA testing helps you to determine the percentage of your horse’s genetic mark. So if you want to compare the DNA profile to its potential parents you can easily do that according to your personal preferences. It helps you to make your proper decision of choosing the partner for mating your horse if you are looking for a determined breed of horse cub in your next project.

Automatic Genetic Disease Screening:

Our DNA testing services also include screening for rare and unhealthy genetic diseases of your horse. It is a crucial and the most important part when we are testing the DNA of your horse. Because we know that sometimes rare and unhealthy genetic diseases traits comes with specific breeds. So this information’s comes in handy for our clients in order to make informed decisions about breeding programs and health management of your loving horse.


Finally we want to say you that as the most reputable DNA testing services in the business our main goal is to provide proper support whenever you need. We assure you that horse dna testing  has good connections with reputable geneticists and veterinarians who are highly qualified in order to assist you with interpreting results. So feel free to contact us whenever you need us. We are here for you 24/7. Thank you for choosing us. Have a good one.

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