Absolute Hairstyle for Women: U Part Wig & Bob Wigs

U Part Wig

U Part Wig is the problem solver for the stylish woman and for whom, who has thinner hair volume for hair loss. This is the wig which is sewed on U-shape size. Underneath The wig there a web that holds all hair together. It is lightweight because of its U-shape shape.

For U part Wig, you don’t have to pay much. One of the cheapest wigs in the world is U Part Wig. Moreover, it increases the hair volume that you can do any of the hairstyles easily. The solution is for every age woman.

Caring for U Part Wig

Handle the wig gently. Exceeding pulling can ruin the shape, other words can spoil the whole wig.

Detangle the wig hair with a wide-tooth comb.  Don’t heat the wig hair.

If your wig is made with human hair then you can wash the hair like your natural hair.

Bob Wigs

Since 1920s, the popularity increased about the bob hair cut. And the popularity still running on. The wig companies invented many shapes and sizes for every woman of Bob Wigs.

For novice wig wearer also can install the wig easily. According to the regular users of Bob Wig, the wig has the power to imprees the world about her beauty. 

How to Install Bob Wigs

First, choose the right one which is matched with your scalp size.

After that, make a flat foundation to install the wig. In this step, you can use the hair spray to flat the natural hair.

Adjust the Bob Wigs to straight up. After deciding the side where you want to put on, you have to attach hair clips. 

At last, tie the strap of the wig strongly that it cannot pull out from the head.

Straightening  a Bob Wigs

Straight bob hair is the main attraction. So, keeping the wig hair straight you have to preheat with the flat iron. Make sure that the wig is dry enough to wear.

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