Advice and Guidance for the New Mom

Ongoing Development

Maturity is a process that continues until, ultimately, we transcend this mortal dimension. We start at a cellular level, mature to an infant, are born, become toddlers, then children, then teenagers, then young adults, then adults. By the time we reach adulthood, soon our social arrangements locally change, and eventually we’re in community leadership.

Collateral to achieving positions of leadership in society is parenthood. Just as Generation X replaced the boomers, the Millennial generation is replacing Gen X, and we’ll be followed by Gen Z.

Right now, millennials are the parents they remember contending with as teenagers. But when you reach the maturity of parenthood, and your children have children, you’re a grandparent; and with that comes a whole new realm of knowledge.

So if you’re on the threshold of being a mom, remember: the process of parenthood and human development is continual. With anything long-term, advice and guidance are key in favorable outcomes. Consider the following tips.

1. Lactation Complications

Sore paps, clogged milk ducts, mastitis, latching issues; all are common for new mothers to experience, and if you’re not expecting this challenge, it can make things very tough. A wise idea is finding a board-certified lactation consultant at Nest Collaborative before the child is carried to term. That way, if you have issues after birth, you’ve got help immediately available.

2. Women’s Health Professionals

An OB/GYN will examine you prior, during, and after birth to assure no complications are inhibiting your natural health. Granted, mothers have been having babies for thousands of years without any OB/GYN help whatever. However, there have, during most eras of history, been midwives occupying a similar position in society.

The bottom line is, if you want a healthy birth, you want someone experienced to hold your hand, and a modern OB/GYN tends to be better than other options; just choose carefully. Here’s a link to an OB/GYN clinic near Newton you might want to consider. Remember, likely be working with your OB/GYN long after you give birth.

3. Dividing Parenting Duties

Not all mothers have the luxury of a present, available father. They should. Sadly, modern realities have changed how families must conduct themselves. Some of that is avoidable, some of it isn’t. If you can, and the father is present, you should divide up duties with him as feasible.

Obviously he can’t breastfeed, and even if he’s sensitive, he’ll never be as nurturing as you. That said, he can help put the baby to sleep, feed the baby, change diapers, and keep an eye on the little tyke when you’re busy. Divide duties with him for your and the baby’s sake.

Finding Your Cruising Altitude as a New Mom

Divide parent duties, work with women’s health professionals, and find lactation consultants you can trust. These aren’t the only things you’ll want to take into account here, but the mindset behind these tips tends to characterize the best moms.

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