All about Indian Matka and Satta Matka

Indian Matka also known as Mahjong, is a popular and ancient card game. It is played in many countries like India, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh and many other parts of Asia. It originated from India and is now being played in different parts of the world. There are several versions of Indian Matka, which is mainly played in North America, South America and in Europe.

How Indian Matka is Played?

Indian Matka consists of four rounds. In each round of the game one player will place a card and the others will call out the same or different number of cards. The winner is the player who gets to get the whole sequence of cards, starting from the first one. This is an interesting guessing game for all. Unlike the normal guessing game which requires the presence of a number of objects such as dice, or counters, here the objects are all around you have to guess what they are.

Indian Matka Tricks and Tips

In this number game you need not memorize any numbers, but simply have to see what suits your hands and eyes best. If you want to win, the strategy that you should use is to increase your lead when you see that your opponents are all wrong. If they are wrong more often than not your lead would be increased, and so it would be easy for you to win. It is therefore necessary to find the Indian Matka tips on the internet and play them to improve your skills.

Explore and Learn Indian Matka Games

The first step to winning is to learn the Indian Matka game and the rules of play. There are many sources over the internet, where you could find all the information you need to know about the Indian Matka game. Some of these sources would offer you free Matkupati and other tutorials which can help you learn the basics of the Indian Matka Game. Apart, from this the Indian Matka Association and the Indian Matka Federation of Chennai are two other organizations that would provide you with valuable information about the Indian Matka Game and the related information about its history.

Matka Games for Family

One of the important things that you should know about the Indian Matka Game is that all the members of a family should play the satta matka. The satta matka consists of fifteen rounds and each round starts with five cards. Once all the cards are dealt, the players will reveal their cards and then move their little cups to make it easier for them to get rid of the cards that they are holding. Only one player at a time can be playing at any given moment and the player who is playing last has to wait for the next person to stop playing and then he can start again. This is the reason why there is no restriction about who can be the player who is going to play first.

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